Friday, August 22, 2014

White Dwarf #30: NAGASH RISES

This week's White Dwarf has arrived, featuring the super awesome new Nagash min. This monster is no joke, and is just a gorgeous sculpt that will tempt many a collector (this one included).

Along with the amazing mini comes Warhammer: Nagash, a two book set containing the narrative of the progressing story line surrounding Nagash's return and unification of undead forces as well as rules for Nagash, his Mortarchs, the unified Undead Legion, and new Lore of Undeath.

In addition to the Nagash releases are a Horus Heresy collection release (already sold out on Black Library) and a Grey Knight combined box. 

The first main article this week focuses on the new Nagash book, hinting at some of the changes to the fluff, as well as the changes to the rules. Namely, the Nagash supplement allows armies to have Lords form up to 50% of the force (allowing Nagash to be used at 2,000 points and up, rather than 4k).

Next is Nagash's rules, which have been floating around for a while. His lowest characteristic is a 6, he checks in at 1,000 points, is a level 5 wizard, and pretty much the baddest dude in the Warhammer World. He is both a super powerful caster as well as a monster in combat, quite capable of flattening opponents or drowning them in summoned legions of Undead.

This week's battle report pits Nagash, by himself, against a large Tomb Kings army. 

The scenario tilts the game toward Nagash's favor, but still a tough task, since the scenario also dictates that the Tomb Kings player should bring their entire collection. A couple pics from the game show off just how huge the Nagash model is. 

The next three articles, Paint Splatter, Designers Notes, and This Week in White Dwarf, all focus on the Nagash mini, and rightfully so. 

The remainder of the issue has the regular bits and pieces. I'm already looking forward to next week's undead releases, which have been seen around the web - the new Undead models are definitely a tempting prospect for me.

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