Tuesday, August 26, 2014

NOVA Bound: Bags are Packed

This should be my final update before NOVA (considering I'll be on the road in less than 24 hours). At this point I'm more or less hanging up my paint brushes and going with what I have. I didn't get to my display boards. I did, however, get in a practice game over the weekend and painted up one of my Malifaux crew.

Nids packed up and ready to go

As you can see above, the Nids are packed up. I have the Necrons in their Battlefoam and just need to requisition a couple cases for them. 

I also have a (mostly empty) Malifaux bag, which most conveniently has plenty of pockets for rule books and cards and the like.

For the Malifaux mini I painted this weekend, I started the crew by painting up Mr. Graves, who is one of the larger minis in the crew. I figured this would give me a bit more area to try out my scheme and techniques.

A back-lit Mr. Graves in Hellboy Style 
I am going with a very dark, comic-book style, particularly looking at Mike Mignola's Hellboy. From the front of this model, since I am imagining him as a bouncer standing in front of a lit doorway, there are very few details shown, with most of his front completely in shadow.

Moving around to the side, there's a bit more of the colors, but still with sharp lines dividing light and shadow.

From the back he is almost entirely lit, but still not brightly so (this is gaslight after all).

On his left side, the divide between shadow and light is a little sharper, since he is leading with that shoulder down the stairs.

I might get Lynch or an Illuminated done in the next couple nights, but I have them to the point I can at least play a pickup game with them, so I'm happy with that.

As I mentioned, I also got a practice game in with Blue and his 5 Imperial Knights. He came in third overall at ATC with the same list, so I was in for a tough game. I was focusing a lot more on the game itself, and so, like a doofus, forgot to take pictures. His knights are gorgeous, and we played on my Barren Wasteland FAT Mat.

We rolled on the NOVA mission pack and wound up with the second version of Gamblers and Investors, which is a modified Scouring on Vanguard Deployment. We ended up both going for the Gamblers primary, which is scoring objectives at the end of the game. Blue chose Linebreaker, First Blood, and Marked For Death (on my 3-man Warrior Brood) as his secondaries, while I chose Warlord, Marked for Death (on the Warlord) and Linebreaker. 

My psychic powers were largely useless (several results of the Horror or Psychic Scream), and my Warlord Trait allowed me to infiltrate all my FMCs. I won the roll for deployment and deployed first, with my termagants across the front of my zone, biovores hiding on a 3 point objective, and the two Zoanthropes hiding in a ruin close behind, with a Venomthrope hiding as well. Everything else was in reserve. 

Blue deployed with four knights across the front line, and then the Warlord slightly back in the middle of his line. I then infiltrated my four FMCs on my right side and took first turn. Blue chose to not seize the initiative, but if he had, I would have been in trouble. 

In the first turn, I took one knight down to a single hull point, but couldn't finish him off. In the bottom of the turn, two knights made their charges into the termagants and stayed there, one of which was the nearly dead knight.

The game progressed with my FMCs working on the knights, though my crones did terribly with their vector strikes and haywire missiles, while the knights largely stomped on everything else in my army. One Zoanthrope held up a knight for two turns by just not failing his 3++, while the Warlord hung on with 1 hull point for a turn by also not failing any Ion shield saves.

The game went six turns, and at the end I was down to the warlord flyrant, a biovore, a Crone, and four warriors. One crone was sacrificed to block movement to the biovore holding a 2 point objective, while the second flyrant had died trying to take out a knight and control my 3-point objective. The warlord flyrant had dropped into hover, but didn't make the 5" run he needed to get on the other 3-point objective. We both achieved all three of our secondaries, and Blue held 5 points of objectives to my 3, for an 11-9 Knight victory.

Playing a tough matchup like that against a great player like Blue I think helped me a lot in terms of prep. I feel like I learned a lot and Blue helped me identify some issues I had and some poor decisions I made. The game also confirmed for me my thinking about the Gamblers and Investors objective - namely that I want to go for Gamblers over Investors. The game would have played out differently had I chosen the Investors primary, but I still don't think I would have done better.

Thanks again to Blue for the test game and discussion of my play and list afterward.

Thanks for reading and if you're at NOVA, come find me and say hi. 

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