Thursday, August 28, 2014


Hey what's up everyone?  Chandler here with a very surprising post.  Due to some issues popping up, and the world aligning with the right stars, I am NOVA BOUND.  This is super exciting for me, and I can't wait to do this, because it will probably be the last tournament I will be able to attend until after January.

I can't wait because this list is a Throw Back list to my old 5th edition list.  It is something I put together because these are the Models I had, The Models I wanted, and I had about 4 hours to pull something out of my Hat.

So:  Chandler's NOVA Space Wolves.

The List is Very Simple:  I am bringing A lot of Named Characters in a Wolves Unleashed Detachment.

I have:


  • Harald Deathwolf - 2 Fenrisian Wolves
  • Ulrik the Slayer
  • Njal Stormcaller - Terminator Armor
  • Rune Priest - Terminator Armor, Rune Axe, ML 2
  • 9 Grey Hunters - Flamer, Meltagun, Power Sword, Chainswords
    • Wolf Guard Pack Leader - Power Sword, Melta Bombs
  • 9 Grey Hunters - Plasma Gun x2, Power Axe, Chainswords
    • Wolf Guard Pack Leader - Power Sword, Melta Bombs

  • Wolf Guard Terminators
    • Arjac Rockfist
    • Power Fist, Storm Bolter, Cyclone Missile Launchers
    • Chainfist, Storm Bolter
    • Wolf Claws x2
    • Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield
    • Wolf Guard Leader - Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield

Fast Attack:
  • Thunderwolf Calvary
    • Melta Bomb, Storm Shield, Chainsword
    • Melta Bomb, Storm Shield, Chainsword
    • Pack Leader - Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield

Heavy Support:
  • Long Fangs
    • 4x Flakk Missiles
    • Long Fang Ancient

So what is the role of this army?  This army is built around a very strong ability to change and shift the battlefield after turn 2 and from game to game.  The Wolves Unleashed gives us the ability to roll for each unit to see if they get the Outflank rule.  Harald Deathwolf gives the Outflank ability automatically, so the Thunderwolves can Outflank (with re-roll of side because of Acute Senses).  This means that on a 6+ before the game starts, a unit could gain the ability.  This means those Terminators can outflank potentially, and the troops with an HQ gain the ability on a 4+ instead of 6+.  Plus, this list can choose one unit to auto arrive starting turn 2.  This means Deep Striking Terminators can drop in guaranteed on turn 2.  If more than 2 units are waiting, you can bring what you need and roll for the other.

I also have 5+D6 power dice in the Psychic phase.  This list is very lacking on the anti air (using only Long Fangs) but with limited time, limited resources, and going with what I got, I am completely okay bringing an old school list, with new school flavors to bring the Wolves.

I probably won't win, but I am going in to have fun, and bring a fun game to my opponent.

Let the Rout be unleashed!

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