Friday, August 8, 2014

White Dwarf #28 - The Wolf King Rides

This week's White Dwarf continues the cavalcade of Space Wolves, featuring the big, bad Wolf himself, Logan Grimnar

In addition to plenty of glamour shots of the head wolf on his pimp sled, he also is the focus of the Space Wolf Supplement, Champions of Fenris, which features additional equipment and seven formations, in the same style as Waaagh! Ghazghkull.

Other new releases are an Arjac combo box including a Land Raider and 5 Wolf Guard Terminators; Grimnar's War Council containing Ulrik, Njal, a Rune Priest, and an Iron Priest; and Maeldictus, a new novel in the Sanctus Reach campaign saga, featuring Grey Knights, which has spawned speculation that Grey Knights will be the next 40k release.

Jervis is back with another variant to the rules, intended to be an abbreviated, 1-hour game of 40k.

The battle report this month features the wolves facing off against Eldar and Tau in a Maelstrom mission.

Next is a brief 'Eavy Metal feature of a Dark Elf Sorceress and a Dwarf character, Belegar Ironhammer.

The following article shows a WD Staffer's trip to a Throne of Skulls event, where he brought four knights to the table.

This week's paint splatter predictably shows how to paint the Pimp-Sled. This is followed by a design article about said sled.

The issue concludes with the regular bits and pieces, including a reader submitted Wood Elf, a tip about 3 color highlighting, and the bit of the week - a Skeleton with a caved in skull.

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