Thursday, August 21, 2014

Get out the Waffle Iron: List Building for the Renegade Open.

Hey everyone,

BeeCee here with another update. Soooooo...... Remember when I said I was for sure playing Skyblight at the Renegade Open. Welp, things changed! The good folks at Renegade posted their army list rules and they are allowing Forgeworld and  limited Lords of War.

Extreme waffling ahead!

This can only mean one thing, Barbed Hierodule!

All primed up with nowhere to go! Isn't she a beauty?
I can not resist an opportunity to take the Hierodule that I had on my shelf and bump it up to next in line for painting. The model is wonderful and I have been looking for an excuse to paint it but it kept getting pushed to the back of the line with random tourney prep.

So let's talk about list options. The Renegade Open is 1850 points, 0-1 CAD, and you can self ally or have a formation.

Self ally sounds really nice.... Hmmm..... you mean I can get three hive tyrants AND a Hierodule in my list? OK, let's work this up...

I am not really sure why this is here. I thought I would be witty about 3 hive tyrants and a Hierodule punching someone but then I just got enthralled by someone getting punched by Hulk hands.

The list:

  • CAD:
    • Hive Tyrant with 2xbrainleech devourers and e-grubs and hive commander
    • Hive Tyrant with 2xbrainleech devourers and e-grubs
    • 25 termagants with 20 devourers (outflank)
    • 25 termagants
    • Malanthrope
    • 2 Biovores
    • Barbed Hierodule
  • Allied detachment-
    • Hive Tyrant with 2xbrainleech devourers and e-grubs
    • 3 Tyranid warriors with 1 Barbed Strangler

The Plan

Anytime you have three Hive Tyrants and a gargantuan creature in your list, it's built to kill. Combine that with outflanking devilgaunts and I might actually have a chance to murder something. The list is built on aggression and a turn 2 strike. The Malanthrope is there to keep everyone in line and provide that shrouded bubble as well as synapse.

So you may be thinking either "OK man, that is a legit list, get it done and painted, post battle reports, try not to suck with it".

Remember that waffle graphic? Well I can't just build one list! I need more! MORE! MORE!

Remember these guys?

The second list features a fan favorite; the Living Artillery Node.

List 2-

  • CAD:
    • Hive Tyrant with 2xbrainleech devourers and e-grubs
    • Hive Tyrant with 2xbrainleech devourers and e-grubs
    • Tervigon
    • 30 Termagants
    • Malanthrope
    • Barbed Hierodule
  • Living Arty Node:
    • 3 warriors with a Barbed Strangler
    • Exocrine
    • 3 Biovores

15 points left to spend.

The Plan

This one can be played a lot like a more traditional Tyranid list. It looks to establish center of the board dominance and then hang on for the rest of the game. I really like the idea of a Hierodule and an Exocrine rolling up the board together with Malanthrope support. The Tervigon and her ilk will follow behind. The warriors and biovores will wither hold backfield or join the assault.

So, what does everyone think? Did I make the right choice moving away from Skyblight? Which of the two lists do you prefer? What suggestions do you have to make either or both of them better?

Until next time, hopefully with a final list and some progress pics on the Hierodule to show.

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