Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Road to NOVA: Ron's Tyranid Paintapocalypse

Hey Guys,

Ron here again with another underwhelming painting report.  I've got 3 weeks on the nose to get everything in order.  It's not going to be a pretty finish, but I'll limp across the line with a 3 color minimum model or two.

This past two weeks I finished the exocrine in the first pic (minus a final highlighting on the bone color), and got 3 zoanthropes and a venomthrope to 90% complete.  I had intended to not finish the exocrine until the end and work on something else, but I'm obsessive compulsive about leaving models unfinished, and extremely A.D.D. (a particularly bad combo).  Here are some more shots of the exocrine and the venom/zoeys.

With those guys up to table top ready, I'm going to move on to the last few models to make sure everything is playable come NOVA.  Originally that list would have included one flyrant, 3 ripper swarm bases, and 1 exocrine.  After talking to Evan and Bryan at length, I swapped out the final exocrine for another crone.  That leaves me with the following stuff to paint before NOVA:

  • 3 Ripper swarms
  • 1 Hive Crone
  • 1 Flying Hive Tyrant with wings

Box O' Stuff to Paint

Instead of doing an MC a week, I'm going to go about getting 3 base colors (and a wash) down for all of the minis left in the box, and then move on to highlight layers if I have time.  They may not be the prettiest minis, but they'll kill imperial models just the same.
Behold the (almost) SWARM!!!
 Anyone else out there prepping for NOVA/other tournaments?

Until next time, keep 'fighting the good fight against the grey tide'! (FTGFATGT?)


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