Friday, August 1, 2014

White Dwarf Issue 27: Bjorn the Fell-Handed and the Wolves of Fenris

What's up everyone? Another week, another White Dwarf, and the Wolves of Fenris are continuing to have more models, along with the first picture of the Codex. The Wolves are coming strong with new models, new rules, and three editions of the Codex.

The Rout is getting closer to being released, and everything is looking amazing.
So the first thing in this issue are the three beautiful new Space Wolf Dreadnoughts. The Venerable Dreadnought is first out of the gate.

From the picture we can see that the Venerable Dread can have a Fenrisian Great Axe and the Blizzard Shield. These guys can also carry the new Hellfrost Cannon and the Great Wolf Claw (a larger version of the Wolf Claw). The model also comes with an armored head or a wolf skull so that you can personalize your Dreads.

The second Dread is that of the new model for the First Great Wolf after Russ left on his Hunt: Bjorn the Fell Handed. Bjorn is the oldest warrior in the Imperium having fought alongside Russ, against Magnus the Red, and has been "alive" for almost 10,000 years.

The beast of a Dread comes standard with an Assault Cannon and his custom lighting claw, True Claw. He has a great update with greater iconography, an updated heavy flamer, a wolf head smoke launcher, and better pelts on his body.  Bjorn also has access to the new Hellfrost Cannon, making him a very interesting model (can't wait to see the new rules).

The last Dread is that of the Murderfang. Murderfang has an interesting back story where he has succombed to the Mark of the Wulfen after being interred as a Dreadnought. He was found on the hell world of Omnicde. He was frozen with helfrost technology and returned to Fenris to study. He is only released in the direst of circumstances. Equipped with claws made of alien ice that never melt, he also has an underslung storm bolter and flamer.  He comes with an interesting face, and he has different iconography so show his Mark and trophies on his body to show his mighty kills.

All of the Venerable Dreadnoughts can be made from the same exact kit.  So you could get Murderfang, Bjorn, or the Venerable Dread from the same kit.

The Codex has been revealed.  It has awesome cover art, as has been the theme with all of the new Codices. It is 104 pages in length, and you can get it as the standard hardback, the Digital Codex, the Long Fang Edition, or the Wolf Guard Edition. There is a picture of the Great Company Formation which is included so you can unleash the wrath of an entire Great Company. The Long Fang edition is a three book series with the Codex, Companies of Fenris, and an art folio with 6 prints. It also has background information and uniform guides for Logan Grimnar, Harald Deathwolf, Egil Iron Wolf, and Sven Bloodhowl and their respective great companies. It also comes with six metal objective tokens that have 6 symbols from the Grand Annulus.

The Wolf Guard Edition has the same contents of the Long Fang but with six extra art prints (for 12 in total), and extra book, and the Champions of Fenris Supplement. It provides more background information, rules, and datasheets for the warriors of the Great Wolf (this may happen for me.......).

There are some new books including Stormcaller (sequel to the Blood of Asaheim book), Sagas of the Wolf which has the stories of Thunder from Fenris, Doomseeker, and Deathwolf.

There are also models from Forgeworld including the Krios Battle Tanks and Thanatar Siege-Automata.

The Heroes and monsters section has some beautiful models, conversions, and paint schemes. I thought they were great and had an awesome Black Templar Flyer Conversion.

The Big thing though is the Murderfang, the Curseborn, rules (FYI they misspelled Murderfang......Muderfang).  At 135 points, he is a unique Character with a searchlight that can take a Drop Pod.  he also has Furious Charge, IWND, Rage, Rampage, and Murderlust (which ignores the effects of Crew Shaken or Crew Stunned, still losing a HP though). His Murderclaws are S-7, AP-2, Melee, Master Crafted, Shred, and specialist weapon. So he is Swinging at I-4 meaning that he will be brutal in combat to almost everything, except that he can't really touch Armor 13 or higher (unless I am missing something).

I can't wait to bring him on the field by drop pod, hide him, and bring the noise in close combat.

The rest of the edition is looking at beautiful models, some great paint schemes and models, some awesome painting steps, and all the while looking at interesting from the group at GW.

The Wolves are closer, and the Rout is nearly upon us.

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