Friday, May 9, 2014

White Dwarf #15 Review - Dark Eldar Dataslate and 7th Edition

With rumors swirling and leaked images, I decided to pick up the newest White Dwarf and see the various tidbits in context. I also wanted to check out the teased Dark Eldar dataslate.

First off, I should not have been surprised, since the main teaser is the new Apocalypse book, but the Dark Eldar dataslate is an Apocalypse formation. Regardless, the formation is called the Kabalite Stormsurge, and features an Archon, 3 units of either Trueborn or Warriors, and 3 units of Reavers. All infantry units must begin embarked on Raiders. Rather than being deployed normally, on their side's first movement phase, the Archon's raider is placed anywhere on the board in open ground, and all other units are placed within 12". The Raiders have the Strafing Run USR and count as Zooming Flyers until the beginning of their next turn. The jetbikes count as having Turbo-boosted, but can still shoot. Finally, enemy units within 12" of the deployed units suffer a -3 penalty to their leadership until the end of their following turn.

An Eldar formation is also included, the Ghost Warrior Warhost, that can build on the previously released Ghost Warriors formation. This formation features 3+ Spiritseers, 2+ Wraithguard or Wraithblade units, 2+ Wraithlords, and 1+ Wraithknights. The formation cannot take transports. All Eldar units within 12" are fearless. Finally, before determining warlord traits, you can choose a codex and all units in the formation within 12" of one of the spiritseers gain the preferred enemy rule against enemies from that codex.

Again, this should not have surprised me, but the leaked pictures are more or less all that is mentioned about 7th edition in the magazine. The rest of the weekly includes tips on painting Wood Elves, adding diorama models to units in fantasy, and some fluff and discussion about the upcoming Apocalypse book. War Zone: Valedor sounds interesting, but I'm not particularly interested in Apocalypse. If I was though, I would pick up a copy as it features a clash of my first and favorite 40k races.

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