Monday, May 19, 2014

Wolf Works: The Dark Talon / Nephilim Fighter

It is with great pleasure that the Team at Wolf Works Lighting presents:

Nephilim Jet Fighter / Dark Talon

This project has been a long time in the making with part of the struggle being that some accessory objects ended up by the wayside because of limited room and compatibility issues.  With that said, this model has taken on some of the qualities seen in the Storm Talon, improved on them, and made them more efficient.

The Team first decided on some cool features.  One seen in the Ork Dakka Jet, where the engines light up, and the second seen in the Storm Talon, the internal battery as well as the forward mounted attack light.

I decided that the engines would be a solid color that is always on when the model is on.  I decided that 2 10mm Red LEDs would be used to give the desired effect and intensity.  Second was a forward mounted Blue LED to give illumination to all of the weapons, Avenger Mega Bolter, Lascannon, and Rift Cannon.  With the lights setup, I began to add magnets to certain parts of the model.  The Avenger Mega Bolter, Rift Cannon, and Lascannon all got magnets added in so to link up with the model just under nose, and I also added magnets to the underside of the Wing mounted weapons to allow for quick changes, the stabilizing thrusters underneath, and the stasis bomb.

The next step was to begin soldering all the parts.  The switch was a simple metal toggle switch that looks like a landing hook/antenna that flows with the model.  A small 1/8" hole was drilled so it could fit snug on the model.  The battery being used is a 12V A23 battery.  It slides in just under the top of the roof.  Everything was soldered and held in place by tac and greenstuff.  The entire model was built and using simple Chaos Black base coat, the entire model was painted.  The Metal parts of the engine, and the model itself were either painted silver, tin, or bronze depending on location.   The Iconography was painted with a mix of 2/1 of White Scar and Mithril Silver.

The model was then put slowly together to take care with not destroying the electronics.  It still has some work to make it 100%, but it is serviceable.  Hope it works on the table as well as it looks.

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