Friday, May 16, 2014

White Dwarf #16 Review - 7th Edition!

It's officially here!

At this point most of the pages in this week's White Dwarf about 7th Edition have already leaked, but here's what we know:
  • Rulebook is a 3-book set; A Galaxy of War - Art and collecting - minis photo galleries; Dark Millenium - background and history; The Rules - 208 page rulebook.
  • The digital edition includes all the content of all three books and is $59.99 for the ebook version.
  • Maelstrom of War missions using 36 tactical objectives
  • 7 Psychic Disciplines in the BRB.
  • Vertical Squad coherency (like in ruins) is 6"
  • Split Fire does not require a Ld Check
  • You roll to hit, wound, and resolve shots from different weapons in a squad seperately
  • Penetrating hits table is changed for Destroyed result to be on a 7 only.
  • Charging through difficult terrain is -2" to the distance
  • More or less all units are scoring.
  • Psykers get the primaris power from a tree if all their powers are selected from that discipline.
  • Psychic Phase where both sides generate dice based on combined mastery level of psykers +D6 rolled by the active player. 
  • Powers are cast by rolling a number of 4+s equal to or greater than the mastery level. You can choose to use any number of dice from your pool to cast any power.
  • Perils is a D6 chart based on (or rolled on) if you roll either double 6s or any doubles (there's some conflict here). 
  • Malefic Daemonology is very strong, and most spells allow for summoning various levels of Daemons, including the primaris. 3 of the 7 powers are WC3.
  • Psykers choosing all their powers from a single tree get the Primaris automatically. 
  • Psychic Shooting does not prevent the psyker from firing in the shooting phase
  • Lasting effect powers (maledictions/blessings) run until the beginning of the caster's next psychic phase.
  • Unbound armies are not restricted to a single codex or allies matrix - it literally means you can take any models in your collection
  • Flying Monstrous Creatures only take grounding checks once per phase in which they take a wound - no more flashlights in the eye bringing them down.
  • Extra wounds caused in a challenge carry over into the unit. 
  • D weapons only ignore invulnerable saves on a 6. 
  • 6 New missions use Tactical Objectives, which are earned in game and change. Each time you accomplish an objective, you roll and have a new objective to achieve. This seems like a very cool, fluid game mechanic. 
  • New Rule Book is $85 and is a set of 3 books; Rules, Background, and Hobby Showcase. There is also a digital edition. 
  • Troops in Battle Forged armies get the Objective Secured rule, meaning they can only be contested by other units with the same rule. 
While we still have some questions yet to be answered, something that's really exciting me is that the rumored changes are opening more options when it comes to army list building. 

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