Friday, May 30, 2014

First Look - White Dwarf #18 - WAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!

As was widely leaked this week, the Orks are on their way, lead by the army's new big kit, the Gork/Morkanaut. The behmoth looks to be on a Knight base, and while reportedly the height of Riptide, it's definitely a wide one.

The rules are included. The Gorkanaut features and 18 barrelled Deffstorm mega-shoota (36" S6 AP4 Heavy 3D6) and S10 AP1 Klaw of Gork, not to mention various small arms. At 245 points, the 13/13/12 5HP Walker (transport - odd) can carry six models. Meanwhile, the Morkanaut comes in at 15 points cheaper, replacing the Deffstorm Mega-Shoota with a Kustom Mega-Kannon (36" S8 AP2 Heavy 1 Blast, Gets Hot) and otherwise is very similar. That said, the Morkanaut can take a Kustom Force Field for 50pts.

Included in the various glamour shots is the hinted plastic Meganobz. You judge for yourself (click for bigger):

The majority of the issue talks about the new kit, and there are some nice Ork based paint splatter tutorials for painting Bad Moonz and some other Orky bitz.

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