Friday, May 23, 2014

First Look at 7th Edition

So, the rules are here. Most have been leaked already, but we'll go over some minor changes that we've found so far. Obviously the big changes are Maelstrom Missions, Force Org/Unbound, and the Psychic Phase. Discussion of these changes have been raging for a couple weeks now, with most if not all information having been known.

So, without further ado, some random observations:

  • Blessings and Maledictions require Line of Sight
  • Suffering Perils does not change whether the power was cast successfully or not, including if the psyker is killed by Perils.
  • Mysterious Objectives are largely the same, except it's D6 S4 AP- hits to each unit within 3" of the objective instead of a template. Also, Grav Wave Generator isn't as strong, simply taking 2" off the opponent's charge.
  • Night Fighting is now all units get Stealth. 
  • There are no restrictions on reserves and how much of your army can begin in reserve. 
  • Area Terrain doesn't exist. There are terrain types, which provide cover, and then obscuring by terrain. For example, being in ruins provides a 4+ cover save, regardless of being obscured.
  • You cannot destroy zooming flyers or swooping FMCs with Tank Shock - the tank must be moved the shortest distance to end up 1" away from the Flyer base.
  • Swarms can score
  • Charging through terrain is if any models would have to move in a straight line and go through terrain, and the unit moves at -2 to the charge distance.
  • Vehicles can always be charged, even by units that cannot hurt them
  • Blind is clarified to be one test per phase in which a unit was hit.
  • Counter attack and Split Fire do not require Ld checks.
  • Template weapons hitting open topped vehicles deal D6 hits to the occupants.
  • * There is no mention of levels of ruins in reference to blast. RAW, blasts hit all models under a blast, regardless of level. This makes them much stronger.
Largely, the changes to the rules where fairly minor, and predominantly seem to be clarifying ambiguities. The format and order seems to make a lot more sense, including some USRs being called out in sections where they are referenced or relevant. 

In all I think the power levels won't be effected too much across the board, though you might see different builds from armies - O'Vesa Star is dead, Daemon Flyer Circus might get replaced by simple MSU Tzeentch and heralds. 

My completely unbased guess of changes to power by army:
  • Space Marines - largely the same
  • IG - same
  • Eldar - possibly better
  • Tau - marginally worse
  • CSM - Heldrakes aren't as good, so worse
  • Daemons - better
  • Dark Eldar - same-to-worse
  • Necrons - same
  • Tyranids - same
  • Grey Knights - better
  • Sisters - same-to-worse
  • BA/SW/DA - same
  • Knights - same.
  • Orks - same
Looking forward to really digging into the book this weekend and maybe getting in some games to get more familiar. 

Until then, what are your thoughts about 7th so far? I'm interested in trying out some Maelstrom missions. 

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