Thursday, May 8, 2014

Terrain Daze

I recently got two of the ultra cool gaming mats from Frontline Gaming and TableWar; Urban Combat and Barren Wasteland. I am really excited to get some games on the mats, but I have a problem - my terrain is utter crap and completely unfit to go on these cool mats.

I have some decent terrain pieces, but they were completely unpainted. I have 4 unpainted ruins, a hill, a rock formation, and the GW Chaos Shrine. The only thing I'm particularly missing is some big LOS blockers, but painting first.

I broke out some black house paint and used a large brush to basecoat the rock pile and chaos shrine, then went at them with my airbrush. I'm not completely convinced this was faster than drybrushing would have been, but for the rock formation anyway, it prevents me from worrying about rubbing the sand off the foam and creating naked spots.

First, the rock formation just took three progressive layers of brown, ending with a sandy bone-white color to somewhat match the Barren Wasteland mat.

Next up was the Chaos Shrine. I used the same layering for the ground, dirt and detritus parts. I followed this up by drybrushing the stone slabs of the shrine grey. Being a Chaos shrine, I opted to make the ruined eight-point star and giant skulls a brassy color.

I added an additional gold highlight to bring up the brassy look a bit. I then couldn't help myself and decided to try GW's Blood for the Blood God technical paint for the first time, making it pool over the skulls and then dripping out of the eyes of the brass skulls.

I'm really happy with how this turned out. The pit of skulls dried a little dull, so I'll probably add some gloss varnish after the piece gets a matte varnish to protect it. I'm also considering adding a red OSL effect coming from the Eye of Horus.

Next steps are to do minor touch ups on the shrine and get to work on some ruins. We're looking at having a 7th Edition Kickoff weekend and I want to have a fully painted table to play on.

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