Thursday, May 15, 2014

Becoming a better painter, let's go on a journey!

Hey everyone BeeCee here.

It's been a little while. Admittedly I suffered a bit of hobby burnout after a month of painting sessions that lasted until one in the morning most nights to get ready for DarkStar. I am getting back on the hobby horse a bit now.

Firstly, I have a confession. I am not a good painter. I consider myself a tabletop quality painter at best, whatever that even means. I paint like a kid coloring a picture, I haven't learned how to do many "Advanced" techniques, I am still very much a paint by numbers kind of guy.

Well I want that to change and I want to take you all with me! One of the core beliefs of this blog is that we are a blog for the everyman, the person juggling real life along with this hobby, the person that has been staring down their own grey tide for years and hasn't painted it, etc...
Here is my Tervigon, probably my overall best painted model to date.
So how do I plan to do it? I plan on watching videos, reading tutorials and most importantly, digging in and painting more.  I promise to post not only the good results of this endeavor but also the results when things go horribly wrong! I am in a lucky situation where I have some old models I've had from third edition that are not in the best shape so I can feel free to try things on them because they look like junk as it is!

So what do I ask of you? Come along with me! We have the Flickr group still set up from the blog's 40k views giveaway and we want to see what you guys are working on! Join the group, post pics, leave comments, ask questions. If you see in my posts that I am doing something wrong is there is a better way, tell me! (constructively please!) I know we have some fantastic painters who follow and comment on blog posts and I would love to hear from them in this process.
Flying Hive Tyrant with the FTGT pattern devourer conversions.
So let's kick this bad boy off. I am going to start this journey with a lone Tyranid warrior. This is a warrior that was glued poorly with plastic cement many years ago and then the lower arms were drilled out to allow replacement. He will be a perfect test subject to not only try new things but also to post pictures of my results. I am in the process of creating a better area to take models pics to allow for the gory details of my progress. He will be painted in my usual Hive Fleet Leviathan theme but I am going to try to take it to the next level! 

I hope you join me in this journey!

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