Tuesday, November 17, 2015

List Building: Blood Angels for Twilight Fight

Last week, Chandler mentioned that we were planning a "Twilight Fight" between his Space Wolves and my Blood Angels/Flesh Tearers. Due to schedules, the game is a bit on hold at the moment, but generally this is something we're looking to do sooner than later.

Don't mind all the random crap in the picture.
My list building is generally being limited to the models I have, and specifically those that I bought already painted. That said, I do have some flexibility in terms of Detachment choice. Honestly, the best way might be to take them as red and black Codex Space Marines. That said, the idea is to stick with the armies we have and keep it a fluffy fight.

To this end, the Blood Angels Codex detachment will serve me a bit better than the Flesh Tearers Strike Force Detachment. Specifically, getting I5 on the charge will help me more than an extra attack for the 16% of the time when I roll a 10 or higher on the charge.

My list of painted units is pretty limited, and honestly most of the models are probably a little over-equipped (a power fist and plasma pistol on a sergeant is way overkill), but this isn't about building the most effective list, but a list for a fun game.

Using what I have, I have come up with the following list:
  • Baal Strike Force:
    • Captain: Artificer Armour, Valor's Edge, Bolt Pistol
    • Techmarine
    • Lemartes
    • 5 Assault Terminators: Thunderhammer and Storm Shield
    • 6 Tactical Marines: Veteran Sergeant w/Melta Bombs, Infernus Pistol, Power Weapon
      • Razorback: Dozer Blade, TL Lascannon
    • 6 Tactical Marines: Flamer, Veteran Sergeant w/Power Fist and Plasma Pistol
      • Razorback: Dozer Blade, TL Heavy Bolter
    • 5 Assault Marines; Infernus Pistol, Veteran Sergeant w/Power Weapon
      • Rhino: Dozer Blade
    • 5 Assault Marines; Infernus Pistol, Veteran Sergeant w/Power Weapon
      • Rhino: Dozer Blade
    • Land Speeder: Multi-Melta, Typhoon Missile Launcher
    • 5 Devastator Marines: 2 Multi-Meltas
    • 5 Devastator Marines: 2 Missile Launchers
Knowing Chandler's list, I think it'll be a hard fight, so I will need to capitalize on my increased firepower and the mobility of my transports to block off charges from his key units into mine. The closest the list comes to being in direct response to Chandler's is included Lemartes. He will be on his own since I don't have any Death Company Marines for him to join, but since Chandler's list doesn't have too much shooting, he's not a massive liability as he would be otherwise.

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