Thursday, November 19, 2015

FTGT Painting: Malifaux Guild Death Marshalls Commission

One of my first commissions, that has taken me too long, was to paint up six Malifaux Guild Death Marshalls, three metal first edition, and three plastic second edition. These were to be above table top quality, bordering on display quality. Jesse wanted them to be in a "high undead" style, with green tinged pale skin, dusty looking overall, and some minor Object Source Lighting from the greenish blue flames.

The Death Marshalls are more or less completely encased in leather; leather armor, duster, boots. So they ended up being varying shades of brown. I leaned toward a dark blue for the pants to be a bit different, and serve as a midpoint to the green/blue flames, which I think really added a lot to the models.

The second edition plastics have a good bit more of the flames, particularly as a way of adding interest to the coffins.

Finally, for basing, Jesse wanted a cracked desert earth with some dead grass tufts. All but one got at least one tuft and I was really happy with the interest it added to the base. They're set to be delivered in the next few days and I'm hoping Jesse really likes them - I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.

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