Friday, November 13, 2015

Space Wolves vs. Blood Angels - Werewolves vs. Vampires List Building

What's up guys?  After last weekend, Evan and I were joking around that we should do a "Twilight Fight," or in simple 40k terms, Blood Angels vs. Space Wolves.  So we were talking about a fun game where we would try to limit the amount of craziness that comes to the table. Since I love my Wolves, I will be representing the hairy, hungry beasts from the East.  I thought about what would be fun, what would be themey, and what would be seen in a Twilight Game.

Bring it on Sparkles!
So I decided to go old school and bring an on the ground, beat face, foot slogging 1500 list with the ability to go up to 1850.
To this party, everything is going to be in a ground and either on foot, paw, or wolf.

I decided to stay away from some of the main characters that see the field and bring my own flair.

Total Points:  1497 / 1500

HQ:  375

Canis Wolfborn

Harald Deathwolf

Let's face it, if this is going to be a theme driven Twilight Battle, I have to bring the two guys riding Wolves looking to punch people in the face.  The other thought I was having is to bring Bran Redmaw (I mean, the dude turns into a Wolf), so Look for a possible change the day before the fight (if needed).

Troops:  366

Blood Claws - 7 Strong with a Wolf Guard Pack leader (rocking dual Wolf Claws) and Lukas the Trickster

Grey Hunters - 6 Strong with a Wolf Guard Pack leader (rocking the Power Fist)

Only two troop choices, but these are ones that I can remember playing back in the day. I haven't played with Lukas in a long time, so why not bring him out to play?  Still keeping in theme here folks.

Elites:  505

Wolf Guard Terminators - 5 Strong with Dual Wolf Claws and one rocking the Cyclone Missile Launcher

Wolf Guard Terminators - 5 Strong with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield

I know, I am in love with 2+/5++ (or better) 1 wound models, and I am not ashamed.  This goes all the way back to 5th edition.  I love the idea of the elite Spec Ops teams that the Space Wolves use to be able to feel, and since we are looking for a fight, bring on the Wolf Claws, Thunder Hammers, and 2+ saves.

Fast Attack:  251

Fenrisian Wolves in a 7 Pack

Thunderwolf Cavalry - 3 Total with Storm Shields, 2 Chainswords, and 1 Thunderhammer

If you have the Lord of the Thunderwolves and his Second in Command that keeps the companionship of the Fenrisian Wolves, why not have these as my last Choices.  Of course the idea is that Harald will lead the Thunderwolves while Canis brings up the rear bring his Wolf Pack to fight.

As you can see, this is not an optimized, take on all comers, win a tournament list.  This list is for bringing a 6-12 pack, eating nachos, and fighting out a fun battle against a great friend and tough opponent.

Hopefully I bring back a Space Wolf Victory.

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