Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mawloc Conversion #3 - FTGT Ron

Hey Everyone,

I've been going back and finishing/touching up some of the models I rushed to put paint on as I got ready for the last NOVA.  Here are some pictures of the third Mawloc I (just) finished this past week:

My overall goal with my Mawlocs was to make them all unique from head to toe (not just angling the arms differently and calling it a day).  I had already done standing still (1st Mawloc), and moving just under the suface (2nd Mawloc), so I decided to make a good old fashioned grounding bursting one.

This guy is fairly straight forward.  I just sawed off the tail below where it was no longer straight, plopped it on a base, and molded a crater around it with some hobby-junk-drawer putty that I wasn't fond of.

I angled the arms downward to give the feel that the Mawloc had just used them to propel itself upward to burst out of the ground, and catch something in the air (maybe a jet pack unit casualty will be added in the future to the gaping maw/tongue spike).

 I added some creep to the base with green stuff to match my other minis.

Finally I added some UHU glue to the mouth to get that icky saliva look.

After this guy, I added some creep and rocks to the base of the second Mawloc I made (this will be painted shortly with some finished pics):

Next up I'll be doing some minor touch ups to my 4th flying tyrant conversion (four flyrants??!! that f*$%ing guy alert!).  After that I will be finishing up the army I took to Nova with a final (6th) lictor conversion.  After that, who knows!  Hopefully there isn't much time left before a new book so I'll likely just paint whatever catches my eye.  The Nid range has no shortage of amazing minis to paint. 

Thanks for checking this out!  What Nid model would you want to see me paint/convert the pose of next?  



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