Saturday, October 31, 2015

Wolf Works Project - Dreadtober Dread

Hello everyone.  Wolf Works Lighting here with the completion of our Dreadtober LED Dreadnought.  For this Project, we started thinking of what to do when Greggles posted about painting a dreadnought (or equivalent) in the month of October.  Needless to say, we were excited, on board from the get go, and we are finally ready to show off our LED Wolf Man Dread.

Enjoy the Pictures Below.

For this project, we started with a Base Space Wolf Dreadnought.  After trying to decide how to make him, the build team decided on the Wolf Head that has bionics from the Thunderwolf Calvary Box.  The Head was trimmed and and angled so it would fit the front of the face plate.  After looking at colors, blue was decided on to match the other LED Dread that was made.

Wiring was a bit complicated as the switch we were hoping to use crapped out, and we had to go to an alternate switch.  The Battery pack was built into the base below the Dread.  Standard space wolf colors were applied, and before long the project was on the way.  

Once complete, the wolf head looks awesome and the only thing left was the base.  Using a combination of the Agrellan Earth and Mourn Mountain Snow Technical and textures, the base was completed to look like the dread as it was walking was causing the snow to crack showing the brown earth below.

I have to say this was a great project, and I loved making this guy.  Thanks again to Greggles for getting this thing off the ground, and everyone that made something.

Until Next Winter, this is Wolf Works Lighting:  Lighting up 40k One Model at a Time.

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