Monday, October 26, 2015

Facing The Grey Tide - BATTLE BOTS Mini Game

A couple of years ago, when the Blog first started, I tried to come up with a fun mini-game that we could play on the side.  Inspired by Greggles and his Dreadtober idea, I decided to throw my Hat into the ring as it was, and come up with a fun mini game.  Enjoy!

What is up 40k Fans?  It is TIME for another Great 40k Robot Battle ROYAL!  The rules are simple, Robots go in, and only 1 Comes out.  Does your robot have what it takes to make it through, or will it be fodder for the arena floor.


Rules – 10 rounds, Who goes first is determined by an Initiative check (Robots standard value plus D6), Robot is only out if it has Exploded or Wrecked and Lost all Weapons.  If it is immobilized but can still do damage, then it can still fight.  Also, all walkers can fire in all directions like a MC when Immobilized.

Points values – You can have any Robot, Walker, or MC Robot (must have an AV value) up to 250 points.  This means that if you have two robots that come in under 250, you can take both of them.  This 250 price point is with all upgrades as well.

Setup – The arena shall be a 4’ x 4’ board.  Opponents will line up in their starting box based on the game type.   All players setup their models inside their starting area based on the game.

The Board – The Board is a 4’ x 4’ playing surface. For this game type, your Robot will start in one of the squares on the board.  If it is a 1 vs. 1 or 2 vs. 2, use the same board and both robots will start in the same box.  If you are doing a 4 way death match, then have each Robot start in each of the 4 starting boxes.

1 v 1 / 2 v 2 Board

Free For All Board
White Square - Starting Location 6" x 6".

Red Circles – If a robot begins or ends a turn in this circle, one of your opponents will roll a scatter die and 2D6 and move according to the rules for scattering a Barrage shot.  This Shot acts as a barrage and will hit against side armour. 9" x 9"

Blue Circle or Line – This is a “Mysterious Water” and will be rolled on the chart when the first person enters it.  Roll a D6. 9" x 9"  for circle and 4" river.

1 – Nothing, it is just water.  Slows down Robot as normal terrain
2 – MUD! – Robot moves at 6” and halves its run distance unless it has MTC.
3 – Electric Water – Any Robot that enters rolls a D6.  On a 4+ the Robot takes an electric shock. 1-3 - nothing happens, 4-5 – Take an initiative check and on a failed check, suffer 1 Hull Point.  6 – Auto Hull Point removed.
4 – Icebergs – While the Robot is in the water, any shots made at the water have a chance of getting deflected.  Water confers a 4+ Cover Save and reduces it’s BS and WS by 1.
5 – Toxic Ooze – Toxic Waters have flooded the arena.  If a Robot walks into the water or through the water, roll a die.  On a 1-2, a Hull Point is removed, on a 3 Increase movement by 2”, on a 4- Increase BS and WS by 1, and on a 5-6 – Restore a Hull Point.
6 – Chaos Blood – The Waters of Chaos have entered the arena.  When a Robot enters the water make a Leadership Check, if this model is a psyker then roll 3D6 for leadership check and take highest.  On a failed check, The Robot goes crazy and runs an additional 2D6 in a random scatter direction.  If a hit is rolled, the Robot stays still but gains the Rage special rule.  If the Leadership check is passed, the Robot gains Monster Hunter/Tank Hunter Special Rule.

Orange – Promethium Pipes – A Promethium Pipe can be targeted by a Robot.  The Profile is T7 W2.  When the pipe is destroyed Promethium showers out in an ark of 6” in all directions.  Any robot hit by the Promethium takes a S9 AP- Hit to the armour facing the Pipe (Measure from the closest point to closest point).  After the Effect, the 6” area is treated as MUD! for the remainder of the game. 1" wice

Grey – Ruin Walls – Ruin Walls block line of site but can be moved through and charged through in the Movement or assault phase.  Should a model charge through the Wall, treat it as moving through cover (-2” to charge range). 6" x 12" wall or 1"x 12" for free for all.

Mission:  Destroy the Other Robot!

Simple:  You have 10 rounds to survive or kill the robot.

Ways to Win.  Survive with the Most Hull Points.  Destroy the other Robot.

Good Luck Robot Warriors!

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