Monday, October 5, 2015

FTGT Painting: Eldar Avatar Commission

As mentioned a couple weeks ago, while I got the majority of Phil's Eldar army done before NOVA, I still needed to wrap up the Avatar. This weekend, somewhat at the last minute (as he's taking the army to Battle for Salvation this weekend), I finished up Phil's Avatar and got him mailed off.

Phil wanted to do the base to match.

I spent a good bit more time on this guy than I had originally expected, but I'm really happy with how he came out. Early on I was not happy with him, which is probably why I spent longer and am so happy with it.

To start out, he got a grey primer like most everything else I paint. While I had painted the jetbikes, I hit his headgear and loincloth with the green. From there, I did a white wash for the armor crevices, followed by a yellow wash. The main plates were then painted red.

As I said, he was pretty ugly at this point, and I was not sure he would come together as I hoped. For the edges of each plate, I painted them with a thinned orange, and then thinned black in the middle of the plates.

It was the black that started bringing it to life, though now the other grey areas were really standing out. Most of these were going to be wraithbone, so I started with brown, and then hit them with two highlights moving to bone.

The gems were painted black, and for most, highlighted in two blues. The gems on the sword were done in red, and the script on the sword was blue. Finally, the arm bands and gem settings were largely done in gold.

After some touchups and highlights on the Green, he was just about done. The final touch was using Blood for the Blood God on the upraised hand, with some running down the forearm. With that, he was done. Check out the finished product:

I'm pretty happy with how he turned out, and dropped him in the mail this morning. Hoping for safe travels to Phil, and up to NY for BFS this weekend.

I also got some work in this weekend on Sha's Daemon Prince and should be able to wrap him up soon and get Sha his long overdue commission, as well as Jesse's Death Marshalls. And then it's on to DreadTober and my own Malifaux minis.

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