Thursday, October 8, 2015

Hobby Update - The 12 Wolf Lord Challenge Bran and Erik

Hey Everyone,

So almost 1 year ago, I put forward a challenge to myself to try to have all of the 12 Wolf Lords for the Space Wolves.  I had ideas that I put forward, but because of life, school, and other factors not related to 40k, I fell behind.  I am proud to present 3 models to represent 2 of the Wolf Lords I needed to Create.  They are Bran Redmaw and Erik Morkai.  These are works in progress and I still need to paint some of them, but I figured a quick update would be good.

Just a reminder, GW has models for Logan Grimnar, Ragnar Blackmane, Harald Deathwolf, and Krom Dragongaze.  They did show a Potential model for Bran Redmaw, but it was never sold.

First Up Bran Redmaw.  For Bran, I decided to go with a standard pair of legs and torso from the GW Space Wolves kit.  I then used a Thunderwolf Axe to represent his axe he would carry into battle.  I supplemented parts from the Kromlech Sons of Thor Shoulder Pads and Backpack.

For his Alter Ego, the Redmaw, I have been working off of the Privateer Press miniature, the Feral Warp Wolf, and adding some parts to make it look like he has fully transformed into a beast.

I still need to add some detail to him to show more of the armor breaking away and to indicate his full transformation.

Erik Morkai has been an awesome project.  I have been using the Space Wolf Terminator legs and chest and added a couple of axes to show his devotion to the Wolf of Death.

Hopefully I can get these guys fully painted so that they can begin to see the table top soon.

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