Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I'll paint whatever I want! Also Dreadtober!

Hey Everyone,

BeeCee here with a quick update,

Man, there are few things more liberating on the hobby front than NOT having to paint to get an army ready for a tourney. It seems like since winter of 2013 I have always had a to do list based on an upcoming GT.

No longer! I have a forced break from GTs for a bit thanks to a bevy of scheduling conflicts so I decided I am going to work on some armies I have NiB or in various states of painting to get them off the hobby to do list.

Dear Shelf of Shame, I love you.
What better time to paint a model that you wouldn't doing only tourney prep than Dreadtober? If you aren't familiar with Dreadtober, check out Greg's Dreadtober page to get all the info. Also paint a dread and link pics, you know you want to.

For my Dreadtober entry I decided to paint one of the three Death Company/Furioso Dreadnought kits I have on sprue (Thanks Deathstorm!) I decided I would paint the first one up in the colors of the Death Company to at least give me a little bit of the themey element. As a painter who is still very much learning and one that has a massive to do list I decided to just paint it standard and not do anything crazy with it.

I was so excited to get started on this that I had the model assembled on October first and basecoated by the third. Things have slowed down a bit but I wanted to post a little bit of progress.

Sorry the pic is a bit ashy, i'm still working on this whole camera thing. I hear they take men's souls so I'm very wary of them.
As you can see, I still have a long ways to go but I'm off to a nice start. This model is a great one to practice with for edge highlighting. Putting an emphasis on the lines in the armor and edges really breaks up the monotony of the black.

This seems like a great time to work on Death Company as well don't you think?
As you stare down the Grey Tide, you must remember that painting requires commitment as much as it requires inspiration. Some of my most productive nights have been on nights when I "wasn't really feeling it". It is important to me to sit down and work on my skills and my Grey Tide at least five nights a week. This means I am making sacrifices in other leisure activities but I want the commitment of putting a brush to some models almost every night.

Well that's it for this time but I will be back soon to show some progress on Dreadtober as well as my Seer Council Eldar and my Blood Angels.

As always, I welcome constructive comments on my painting, words of encouragement, witty jokes, and cold beer!

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