Monday, December 15, 2014

Malanthrope with Putty Creep and Uhu Saliva

Hey guys,

Ron here with a December Hobby budget challenge update.  I have managed to knock out the Malanthrope ahead of schedule (a good thing since the holidays can be quite busy).  Here are a few shots:  

I added some creep on the FW base to fall in line with my other Tyranid bases (inspiried by some resin ones in there from Secret Weapon).  It's a two part epoxy called ProCreate which is similar to green stuff, it just happens to be grey.  This is a really simple process that involves layering a bunch of tentacles that you make with rolled out sausages of the putty.  Poke a few holes here and there, add a few rolled bubbles and you have something really nasty looking.  The nice part about modeling organic creep like this is that you really can't mess it up.  The weirder and grosser it looks the better.  After you paint it, add some gloss varnish to it to make it look really nasty.
Creep on the malanthrope base
Creep I put on my crone's base and Secret Weapon bases in the background
Creep painted up just prior to gloss coat
Creep with Gloss coat
Next up I wanted to make the tentacles around the mouth to look especially gross.  I started by adding some gloss coat varnish to them.  Then I grabbed my trusty UHU and a toothpick.

This is imported from Europe (you can usually find a few international sellers on Amazon/Ebay that sell it).  I've tried the UHU they sell in the US, but it just doesn't work the same.  I squeeze out a small blob on to my working surface, then dab the toothpick in it. I then touch the toothpick from one point on the tentacle to another where i want a stream of saliva to go.  It's a very easy process, and it's easy to pull off the miniature if you make a mistake.  With the European stuff, you have about 30 seconds of working time before it's too dry to use, so don't squeeze out too much at a time.    

The finished "saliva"
So there we have it.  One gross-ified Malanthrope.  For the rest of the month, I will try to paint 5-10 hormagaunts.  I hope you like the finished shots.  Feel free to leave comments/suggestions below! Good luck with your own challenges, you got this!


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