Monday, December 1, 2014

FTGT Hobby Budget Challenge Official Kickoff

As some of you may know, today marks the official kick-off of our FTGT Hobby Budget Challenge. You can participate in the challenge by joining our Facebook Group. To get started, sometime this week you need to post up what you plan to get completed in December within your hobby budget. Check out the full rules here and the early FAQ.

For those participating who have a blog, let us know through Facebook or methods in the Contacts tab so we can cross share Hobby Progress posts. For example, check out Max from Hellfire Painting and his Budget Challenge plans.

For my challenge, I'm switching things up just a bit and for December I have decided to start my Tau with a box of Firewarriors and a Devilfish.

I figured I should start with Troops. The Fire Warrior box also comes with a couple Gun Drones which will be my paint scheme guinea pigs and will eventually go in the Farsight Bomb. Once I knock these guys out I will be looking at either the Crisis Suits or my double up month of Commander, Riptide, and Pathfinders for January.

If you're wanting to join the challenge, jump on our Facebook Group and share your first month's plans. Or comment below. Looking forward to seeing everyones' armies come together!

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