Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hobby Challenge Time!!

Hey everyone, BeeCee here once again!

Firstly, All I can say is WOW. The participation for the Hobby Challenge has been amazing so far! The Facebook group is hopping! A big shout out to all of those that have been getting the word out and reposting on their blogs/Facebook/Twitter/What have you!

Who has two thumbs and likes...... oh nevermind!

I have to make a confession though, at the time of writing this, it's December 3rd and I still do not know 100% what I am going to do for the challenge.

Here is what I do know:

1. I am painting Tyranids

2. I have a lot of unpainted Tyranids.

3. After the Renegade Open I have so many list ideas rolling around in my head that it is hard to keep focused!

So here is the commitment I am going to make for the hobby challenge:

I am going to paint at least $75 worth of Tyranids every month during the challenge. I will decide at the beginning of each month what models I will paint based on whatever crazy list idea is rolling around in my melon.

If you all remember a while back I posted about trying to become a better painter and taking you all on that journey with me? Well that journey begins with this hobby challenge. I will be trying out new, more in depth paint schemes for my Leviathan Tyranids and you all will get to see and decide if I succeed or fail in this endeavor.

So what is the plan for December?

I want to ease into this new paint scheme and ease into the new techniques I will be using so I selected some models that I have a lot of and that I am not running a lot in current lists. That way if I have some struggles, I haven't screwed up a centerpiece kit for an upcoming tourney. That's thinkin'!

Nothing inspires the masses like bad pictures of unpainted models!

1 box of 8 Genestealers (retail $30)
1 box of 20 Hormagaunts (retail $44)

Get off your 'Ath and do some Math!
Total retail value- $74

Updates to come! Until next time.

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