Friday, December 5, 2014

Facing the Grey Tide Budget Challenge - Chandler's List

What's Up Everyone? As you all know, I am the resident Space Wolf, and for that matter Space Marine, player on the blog.  When Evan started to talk to us about the idea of this Budget Challenge, I immediately opened up BattleScribe and began making lists.  I started thinking about all of the items I had for my armies, and after a lot of soul searching, talking to the boys on Google Hangout, and thinking about some of the plans I had for the future, I decided to create an addition onto my army.  That being Bran Redmaw and his Company of Wolves.

I have already posted the Army of the Redmaw but I haven't given the schedule.

For December:  $75

Units for painting - I will be starting by picking up a squad of Grey Hunters from Pack Ironhealm.  So I will be creaking the 5 Grey Hunters with Chainswords and Flamer.  I will also be painting up the Wolf Guard Pack Leader Æsier Ironhelm.  In addition I will be painting up the Wolf Guard Battle Leader Ivan Scarredson in his Armour of Russ. With the last models, I will begin working on the Grey Hunters for the Two Eye's pack.  So I will beging working on the Flamer Models and the Chainsword models that I can.

Total Cost:  $57.00
Remaining:  $18.00

For January:  $75

Units for painting - I will be working on the 5 Grey Hunters with chainswords that will be making up the Hellscream pack.  I will also be creating the Wolf Guard Pack Leader Uldar Hellscream.  This is also the month I will be working on the Razorback, Hand of the Jarl, and it's Twin Linked Lascannon.  I will finish off the models for the Two Eye's Pack including the Wolf Guard Pack Leader Jundor Two Eye.

Total Cost:  $78.50
Remaining:  $14.50

For February:  $75

Units for painting - This is the month that I begin to work on Bran Redmaw.  Since there is no Bran Redmaw model, I will be converting it.  So I will be picking up Space Marine Captain and using bits from the Space Wolves sprue to work up the model.  I will be creating the Redmaw from one of the Minis from Privateer Press.  I am using this one for right now because it is a big bad Wolf creature.

Now you all are probably wondering why I haven't chosen a GW product.  Well, I haven't found one, and I have this guy that I need to paint up, and convert so that it takes on a more Space Wolf Feel.  If you are wondering, it will be a nasty conversion to work on.

Total:  $46.74
Remaining:  $42.76

For March and April:  $75 each month

Units to paint - I will be painting up a Stormwolf in each month.  This is because I have been saving money to do this.  Each one will take the entire month along with extra cash from the previous month.

Total March:  $81.00
Remaining:  $36.76

Total April:  $81.00
Remaining:  $30.76

May $75

Units to paint this month - In this month, I will be converting up my Iron Priest and Rune Priest.  I will be picking up a Space Wolves Grey Hunter Sprue and an accessory frame to get the necessary parts for my conversion.  I will then go through and finish off some of the remaining units that I need.

After May I will be at 1500 points.

Total May:  $48.00
Remaining:  $57.76

June $75 to $150

Units to paint - Not Determined.  I am going to use this month to take the Redmaw army and bring it to 1850.  I am going to determine what else I need so this is a month I have up in the air for freedom of creation.

Total June:  IDK
Remaining:  Somewhere between 0 and Yes
aThis is my plan of action, and now it is time to get to work and start building and painting my models.  I am unbelievably excited for this army and I need some inspiration for the last month so I am open to any suggestions.

Look for the army of the Redmaw coming to a blog near you.

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