Friday, December 5, 2014

Facing the Grey Tide Budget Challenge - Ron's List and the Rule of Cool

Hey everyone!

Ron here to throw in my entry to the hobby budget challenge.  I will be tackling a good portion of my grey tide nids as well as a bunch of the new stuff.  Since the new stuff isn't very cost friendly (points per dollar wise) I won't be as concerned with hitting a full army as much as adding to my existing force.

My goal here is "the rule of cool." I have a ton of Tyranids I purchased because I wanted to paint them, but they have stayed in a box in the closet since then due to perceived "competitive" concerns with things such as lictors/genestealers/etc.

Well enter Sean Nayden who won the 11th Company tournament with genestealers and lictors of all things.  He proved that you can win 40k without the baddest new toy on the block, and quite frankly, you'll probably enjoy it a lot more without chasing after the latest shiny.  Painting only multiples of the "good" stuff can easily lead to burnout and if you're going to finish a challenge like this, you need to stay motivated.

December - $85(ish) (taking 10$ off of another month)


I know, I know.  I said "rule of cool".  I said "screw painting for competitiveness only!" Well, the malanthrope happens to fall in both the competitive and hot column, much like Ronda Rousey. I've been eyeing this guy for a while, and since the other dudes on the blog agreed to go in on the brood deal from forgeworld, we were able to get free shipping and ultimately a decent deal.

He is only 85 points in game, so he still isn't very cost effective dollars-wise, but who cares, the model is fantastic. Here is the progress so far:

January through May

I've primed and base coated a lot of this stuff (as it's easy to basecoat in large batches for me).  I am settling in on the order, but it will consist of the following models:

Shrike brood conversion with FW wings - $51+~$24 in wings
Tyrannofex - 57.75
Carnifex - ~$45 (if bought as part of a two pack)
Tyrannocyte/Sporocyst (hopefully magnetized) $63
Tyrant Guard - $70
Zoanthropes (new kit) - $66
Lictor - $25
Deathleaper - $25
Gargoyles/Genestealers/Hormagants (value to be determined by finished count). 

Final cost $511.75 + whatever I can finish worth of small dudes.

I will plan to paint 5 genestealers/gargoyles/hormagants in between every other project to keep the small guys churning out.  The cost will be distributed over the months.  This is a technique I've had to adopt with tyranids, as the little guys really can bog you down with how similar they are.    

So there we have it, I'm looking forward to the finished results in May, and I can't wait to follow along with all of the armies you guys are doing as well!

Good luck!!! 


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