Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Advent Calendar Dataslate: The Unrelenting Hunt

It's Advent Calendar time again from Games Workshop and Black Library. Last year this became considered a bit of 25 Days of Terror, as the Tau Firebase Cadre formation kicked things off, baffling everyone with such a strong formation. Now, with Formations being widely accepted and available, this becomes a little less intimidating. Today, on day two, we have a Dark Angel Formation, The Unrelenting Hunt.

This formation is a combination of the Dark Angel side of the Dark Vengeance box and the Dark Vengeance expansion. For those who have all of those models, the benefit of fielding all of them is Hatred (Chaos), Relentless, and bonuses when close to Chaos models.

All in all, not particularly exciting, in part because it requires so many models. Additionally, the benefits are pretty limited.

Looking at the Advent Calendar, I'm guessing we'll see a Crimson Slaughter formation on Thursday. After that We'll see some Imperial bits, and something for my Tyranids on the 10th.

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