Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tyranid Rumors: Synapse Playtest Rule Update - *Update: Troll

Hey guys, fresh off the presses (or the Facebook) is a leak of an updated Synapse rule that's supposedly being playtested at the moment. Obviously, tons of salt, nothing confirmed, but we do have a nice, pretty, picture:

So, let's break down the changes. First, practically army-wide 6+ Feel No Pain, with Synapse Creatures themselves getting Eternal Warrior and 5+ Feel No Pain. This nearly instantly makes the mid-range Synapse worthwhile, assuming they don't get a price hike.

Digging into it a bit more, we get some implications about some possible rules changes. One would be that the Catalyst psychic power will likely change to boost Feel No Pain, either in Synapse Range or to one or two units.

Another item of note is that the rule still references "friendly Codex: Tyranids" models instead of friendly Tyranid faction models. This could be an indication it is fake. It could also be an indication, as was offered in the discussion on the picture, that there will be Genestealer Cults that are also Tyranid faction but will not benefit from Synapse. Honestly, this seems a little thin to me, so, as before, take the rule with an unhealthy dose of salt.

If this ends up being the rule, it will definitely help out the Tyranids and let me dust off my Warriors a bit. What do you think of this possible rule? When would you expect a new Tyranid codex if playtest rules are leaking now?

EDIT: To provide some salt - the fluff text, while verbatim from the old synapse rule, has an odd line break. Also, the rule text appears to be a different font than the one GW normally uses, similar, but not the same.

EDIT: The original poster confirmed this rule is a joke that got out of hand a bit. Move along...

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