Tuesday, September 15, 2015

FTGT Painting: Eldar Jetbike Army

In the week leading up to NOVA, I was off of work (between new and old jobs) and asked around if anyone had some quick turnaround commissions they were looking for. Sure enough, Phil had an Eldar army he was looking to put together and wanted it painted, predominantly at a tabletop level. The models he needed were 18 Scatter Laser Jetbikes, 3 old jetbikes, 6 Warlocks, and 4 Farseers, as well as an Avatar.

I started with my gray primer and then based the bikes and riders black. The next step was to tape off the bikes to prepare for painting the cupolas.

The front ends of the bikes, heads of riders, and Seers/Warlocks were painted with Minitaire Swamp Green as a base, with an Army Painter Army Green highlight. This was followed by painting the seats brown. Then was the gems, which were painted black and then two blues. 

After painting the eyes of the riders and some touch up, the riders were done. Then I moved onto detail work for the Seer Council, including markings for the bikes to differentiate the four Farseers. 

The Council's red and blue gems also got a white detail, and the golds and silvers were built up. Finally, the face plates were painted a bone. 

Just before I packed up for NOVA, I wrapped up the army and finished my touchups, varnish, and gloss on the spirit stones. Here are a few shots of the finished product (I didn't have the bases and didn't get a chance to take a photo of them on the bases at NOVA)

All packed up with care for the road.
I did not have time to wrap up the Avatar, so he's still to come. I also got started on another commission I've had waiting for far too long, and should be finishing that up in the coming week or so.

Work in Progress, close to 90% complete - just some requested changes on the skin and the base, then 5 of his buddies. 
Stay tuned for a few more commissions in the coming weeks, including Sha's Daemon Prince, Phil's Avatar, and the remainder of the Death Marshalls. 

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