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Escaping the hobby desert: Wait I have to roll for how many powers?

Hey Everyone, BeeCee here.

Welcome to the Craftworld, the first scarf is on us!
It's been a long time and man, I have missed you guys. Being an adult is sometimes really draining on the hobby time and to add insult to injury, it happened after I made all these bold claims about painting a unit a week. Lesson learned, the hobby is about doing things when you can. I will refrain from bold predictions and impossible timelines in the future...

Remember when I said I was going to resist the urge to buy more stuff by painting the stuff that I already have for four different armies? Well that is kind of working... sort of.

On a whim I decided to start working on an Eldar list for the Renegade Open GT in December to do something different. I have brought my bugs to the first three big tourneys I have been to.

I was an Eldar player back in second edition when the Falcon grav tank and the Vyper jetbike models came out. I immediately fell in love with them and was a part time Eldar player up until my hiatus from 40k from 4th edition up through mid 6th edition.

WIP- My first ever soulstone!
I have really been making a push to not play with proxies and paint the models before they hit the table. Learning a new army and tourney prep are exceptions to this rule. So please excuse the crappy pics, unpainted minis, and general failure at 40k generalship, after all I'm not the big shot posting real and Vassal games versus 40k's elite.

This picture has nothing to do with my jealousy of Evan and Ron for playing in the NOVA Invitational and their perfect paint scores.
I wasn't planning on making this post into a battle report but Evan kind of made me do it and he's the boss around these parts. So without further adieu, here is a brief battle report as the game got cut short due to me being old and it being late at night.

One of my first hand painted insignia. Sure it's just a triangle but it's progress!
I was playing against my friend Mike and his Decurion Necrons. The game was the Emperor's Will (Draw?) on Hammer and Anvil deployment.

My list was modified based on what I had on hand and I definitely will be making some modifications as I go on., but it was:

Farseer on bike with spear

4 scatterbikes
4 scatterbikes
3 scatterbikes
Crimson Hunter with pulse laser and bright lances
Wraithknight with wraithcannons and a scatter laser

Skyrunner Seer council:
5 warlocks

Aspect host:
4+1 Warp Spiders
4+1 Warp Spiders
6+1 Swooping Hawks

Powers from memory-
Warlocks- conceal, renew, the +1 str one
Non council Seer- Guide, fortune and psy scream
Council 1- hammer hand, vortex of doom, terrify
Council 2- psy scream, doom, ??

Well it's not called Facing the Fully Painted Tide now is it?
I played very tentative at first because I was up against 2 harvest formations. I didn’t want those wraiths crunching on jetbikes. Threw a ton of shots at stuff but Necrons are so tough to kill. I think on my turn I killed 2 Necron Warriors, that was it. Held everything back except the council, I pushed them forward with Conceal and Fortune. Necrons had no ignore cover, good luck getting through a 2+ rerollable.

He shot everything at my wraithknight and did 1 wound, also did 1 wound miraculously to Baharroth.

The Destroyer Cult doesn't drink the koolaid, it drinks blood... from your face!
Turn 2- seer council advances but not close enough for vortex of doom range! Doh! I tried to terrify a unit of Necrons and hit them with psy scream- I think that was a poor choice for offensive powers. I think I killed 1 necron with screams. Got the council defense up but put them in charge range of a ton of necrons, I wanted to see how they could handle it. The wraithknight advanced out of cover and prepared to weather the onslaught.  The warp spiders and swooping hawks advance on the flank along with the wraithknight.

The council shows their ability to stay alive. Also to be blurry in pics, that is scary!
Turn 2 necrons- let the fun begin- His destroyer cult unloads on the wraithknight and get it down to 1 wound! The D-lord attaches to the wraiths and charges the council. A unit of warriors charges the council and a unit of 5 scarab bases charges the council. I challenge the D-lord with a farseer with the thought that no way he does 3 wounds through a 4++ rerolled and I will hit and run. Baharroth kills 1 warrior at I7, the council fails to inflict a wound. The warriors can’t get through baharroth’s 2+ rerolling armor save and the wraiths inflict 4 wounds on the warlocks but I save them all with a 4++ rerolled. The Challenge goes about as I expect- My farseer takes 1 wound. Hit and run out of there.

Turn 3- I renew the wraithknight back to 2 wounds. He shoots and then charges a unit of destroyers but only kills 1. They hang in there. The Crimson Hunter comes in and finishes off the spyder from 1 of the harvest formations.  The Spiders advance and kill 1 tomb blade. The council advances to his objective and shoots a bunch of warriors. My screams were ineffective again and I was a sad panda, vortex of doom kills 3 necron warriors.

Turn 3- Necrons- wraiths and the D-lord join in to the scrum with the wraithknight. The wraithknight kills the 2 destroyers at I5, then at I1 6’s out 2 of the wraiths with stomps. The wraiths and D-lord bring the wraithknight down.

Unfortunately, it’s after two AM. and we have to call it a game there. It took me a long time to pick powers and use them. Not used to having so many options, that will take some getting used to. Loved the wraithknight as a presence vs the Necrons. He was a large target and even though he died on turn 3, he absorbed so much fire. Having renew on him meant he got 2 free wounds which really saved the day for him.

The current assortment on the BC to do list.
I really enjoyed playing the Council, especially with the Wraithknight. The Renegade Open just released their army construction rules and they are allowing multiple Lords of War up to 700 points in total so i plan to bring two of those big guys in addition to a beefier, better equipped Council. I learned alot in this first game even if my list wasn't optimal at all, I just went with things that were assembled/painted.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope to become more of a presence on the blog again instead of just on the podcast. Summers in Minnesota are sacred, so we spend as much time doing outside stuff that the hobby sometimes takes a backburner to all the cool things we can take the kids to do.

Until next time- keep facing that Grey Tide.

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