Friday, September 11, 2015

NOVA Open 2015 Pic Dump

Hey Everyone. For today's installment of my NOVA Recap, I'm just going to dump in a bunch of the pictures I took while away from the gaming table. For more, be sure to check out Greg's great series of pic dumps, as well as the official NOVA photos on Flickr

Walking into the hall after checking in on Wednesday, I ran across the pieces of the Star Destroyer, which is bafflingly huge.

Walking into the 40k Hall, I found a few gamers already at it.

On Thursday, after registering for the Invitational, I took a few minutes to check out Todd and Greg's Trios armies and displays. Absolutely amazing work they put in. 

Some details on Todd's display board
Cart full of 2 Ork armies

Just love this warboss. Greg can correct me, but I believe it's a Maxmini head on a Kromlech Mega Armoured body

I snapped a few pics of the absolutely gorgeous NOVA Open Charity Raffle armies

On Friday, I briefly had a chance to wander the hall and snap some quick photos of some armies set out. 

My first round opponent, Brian's, Tyranids

This was really cool and very well done - lit up Nids!
The eventual best painted winner. The detail is pretty jaw dropping on these.

Finally, on Saturday night, for second round paint judging, I was able to set up my army on its display board. I set them up as a confrontation because it made sense, and also my favorite part of the Warp Spiders was the unit markings on their backs. 

And, of course, there were tons of gorgeous armies in the second round judging. 

Todd's gorgeous Eldar display, again.

Mike Taylor's Team Twilight
I took a pretty large selection of photos of Joe Behrend's armies.

Just love the individual details on the Deathwatch

Werner Born's Necrons. The Stargate was awesome. 

Brian's Nids again. Really sharp.

This was, by far, my favorite display board. Just too cool.

And the hands down most over the top and technologically advanced display. The weapons battery guns rotated on their own. Very cool.

Invitational and Open Champion, Aaron Aleong's army
Ron's awesome Nids.

Again, the best painted winner. Just amazing details.

Loved these winged nids.

On Sunday, after dropping, I had some time to check out the Capital Pallette entries (see anything familiar?) and wander the hall a bit. 

Julio vs. Tyler

Sean vs. Alex in Bracket 2

Mike vs. Zach
Todd vs. Brett in the semi-finals

Renaissance Man Sascha vs. Horton's Daemonkin

Young vs. Joe in Bracket 4
Julio vs. Sascha
Horton vs. Ringer, Jack

Finals, Aaron vs. Brett

Bracket 2 Finals, Gonyo vs. Sean
And that's it for my pics. I had a blast, and am already looking forward to next year (September 1-4, 2016). 

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