Friday, October 24, 2014

White Dwarf 39 First Look

It's been a few weeks, but we picked up this week's White Dwarf and I thought I'd do a quick first look. This week's cover features the new massive mini for the End Times series, the Glottkin.

Like the Nagash model, this an absolutely towering model. The new release section gives some background for the model, that the massive Nurgle beast is made up of one monstrously "gifted" brother, ridden by his siblings.

Accompanying the model is the supplement with its rules and the next chapter in the End Times story. There is also a Limited Edition version that includes art prints and a map.

Accompanying the Campaign book is a new BlackLibrary Novel, The Fall of Altdorf, which follows the same story arc in more detail I would presume.

For the 40k side, there is a Limited Edition Imperial Armour 13 as well as two new bundles: the Adeptus Astartes Strikeforce and the Wrath of the Hive Mind. The former consists of a Captain, Razorback, Sternguard kit, Tactical Squad, Drop Box, Dreadnought, and Stormtalon. Meanwhile, the Tyranid kit boasts a Hive Tyrant, Tervigon, Warrior Brood and 20 Termagants.

Following the New Releases section, some background is given for the Glottkin supplement as well as where it fits in with the Nagash book. This is followed up by a Battle Report for the Fall of Altdorf. The Nurgle Horde is led by The Glottkin and three Maggoth Lords. Meanwhile, the defenders of Altdorf are lead by the Emperor Karl Franz and Valten, who are aided by a small group of Bretonians and Undead led by Vlad Von Carstein. Both allied groups would arrive on the flanks on Turn 3 of the game.

Following the Battle Report is a series of Paint Splatter focuses on the details of the Glottkin, which are very nice and present some good techniques.

This is followed by some design discussion for the model as well as more discussion of the Glottkin Book and how it continues the End Times storyline.

This issue ends with the usual Codex: Apocrypha, questions and bits of the week. Overall, despite having been distant for a while from the Fantasy storylines, this issue is adding to the intrigue of the End Times books and making me want to pick them up to see where the story is going.

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