Friday, October 24, 2014

The Walking Ancients: Space Wolves and Iron Hands

Recently, I have been in a painting slump because of School, Work, and Life.  This happens to everyone during their hobby life, and mine finally caught up to me.  There is one aspect of the hobby that I can do every single day, and not feel guilty, and that is dream up of lists.  Today on my way into work, I started to think about a special list.  A list that would see the greatness of thousands of years of service rolling onto the field in one special army.  If you all have been paying attention to my posts and know my armies, then you know the list I am talking about.  It is a Special Multi CAD army looking to bring the Dreadnoughts of the Space Wolves and Iron Hands to the field in a Glorious Walking Ancient list.

So I present, the Walking Ancient Multi CAD List.
As with all of my lists, I start with a theme and 1850 pts.  This one is no different.  I started of course with how many Dreadnoughts I could get into the list using different slots, and this is without Forgeworld Rules (FW models may make it into the actual table list).  I will be using the Champions of Fenris Supplement and the Clan Raukaan:  Space Marine Supplement.

The HQs were the easiest choices to start with.  For the Space Wolves, I am going to bring the Oldest Dreadnought in the Imperium, the Last of Russ, Bjorn the Fell-Handed.  On the Other Side, I have to add in a Master of the Forge, with a Bike and Ironstone.  For each Army, the HQ not only fits with the fluff of the army, but it also serves as a huge symbol of what the army looks for.

Next was the Dreads.  I decided to go with the Formation: Brethren of the Fell-Handed for the Space Wolves.  With this formation, I could get in two Venerable Dreads to move with Bjorn.  One would have the Blizzard Shield and the Great Axe while the other would have the standard load out of Multi Melta and Dreadnought CCW.

The Third Dreadnought would be a regular Dreadnought with a Drop Pod.  For the Iron Hands, I can get so many more.  I looked at loading up the Heavy Support and Elite slot with 3 Dreadnoughts each.  The Elites would be my Drop Force.  This is designed to get dropped right into hell so that as much carnage can be created in the first part of the game.  The Heavy Support would be my distance gunners.

These Dreads would be setup to look for juicy targets down range, or take out flying targets as they get close.  In the Iron Hands, I have two small scout squads in Land Speeder Storms to try to either deep strike in on some objectives, or fly on and move into some terrain to hide.  The last thing I added is a Space Wolf Drop Pod to get three drop pods turn 1, and possibly deep strike any of the dreads that might need a more strategic place.

So the List shakes out like:

  • Space Wolves:
    • HQ:  
      • Bjorn the Fell Handed - 225 pts - Twin Linked Lascannon
    • Elites:  
      • Venerable Dreadnought - 120 pts.
      • Venerable Dreadnought - 145 pts. - Fenrisian Great Axe and Blizzard Shield
      • Dreadnought - 130 pts. - Drop Pod (35pts.)
    • Fast Attack:  
      • Drop Pod - 35 pts.
  • Iron Hands:  Clan Raukaan
    • HQ:  
      • Master of the Forge - 140 pts. - Bike, Bolt Pistol, Bolter, Ironstone
    • Troops:  
      • Scout Squad - 105 pts. - Land Speeder Storm, Sergeant with Melta Bombs, 2 with Bolters, 2 with Shotguns
      • Scout Squad - 115 pts. - Land Speeder Storm (Multi Melta), Sergeant with Melta Bombs, 2 with Bolters, 2 with Shotguns
    • Elites:  
      • Dreadnought - 135 pts. - Drop Pod
      • Dreadnought - 135 pts. - Drop Pod
      • Ironclad Dreadnought - 190 pts. - Power Fist / Heavy Flamer, Seismic Hammer / Meltagun, Drop Pod
    • Heavy Support:  
      • Dreadnought - 120 pts. - Twin Linked Autocannon (X2)
      • Dreadnought - 135 pts. - Twin Linked Lascannon, Missile Launcher
      • Dreadnought - 120 pts. - Twin Linked Autocannon (X2)
  • Total Points:  1850 pts.

I love the idea behind this list.  Especially when my Iron Hand walkers have IWND on a 4+ when within 6" of my Master of the Forge.  Obviously, we are lacking on some anti psyker  power, but hopefully, the strong Alpha Strike and Second Round Drop can bring the noise quick and early.

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