Friday, October 31, 2014

White Dwarf 40 First Look

This week's White Dwarf is out, officially releases the new Tyranid MCs. There is also a hint of more to come in the Opening Salvo segment: "here come the Tyranids for a second bite out of the Imperium! And with this week's first new release being the terrifying Toxicrene... joined by the Maleceptor."

In the new releases section, the Toxicrene is introduced, described as "the zenith of the Venomthrope genus." This is followed by the Maleceptor, described as being the ultimate offensive psychic weapon in the Tyranid arsenal, even if the rules fall flat in that regard. It is described as an adapdation from the Zoanthrope line, much bulkier, obviously.

To accompany the new dual kit is a tin of Tyranid dice, with Rippers on the ones side. In addition to the tyranid releases is a new edition of the Rules in miniature hardback.

There are also several new Black Library offerings, a new 40k card game from Fantasy Flight, and some typically awesome Forgeworld kits.

This week's Codex Apocrypha goes over some background of the Eldar race, with a particular focus on the Exodites.

Next is a section focusing on the armies of Chaos in the End Times series. This if followed by the "Wrath of Glottkin" minigame. Three players choose each one of the three brothers of the Glottkin and compete to control the trio and tally the highest number of kills.

The Rules section is next, focusing on the two new Tyranid Monstrous Creatures. I included these in my list building post yesterday, so won't double up here. These are followed by the Toxicrene challenge, where the Toxicrene was pitted against various challenges. The Toxicrene was victorious over Dire Avengers, a Wraithknight, and Deathwing Terminators, but lost twice to a Helbrute.

In the paint splatter section, techniques for the publicized Leviathan schemes are shown. Of particular interest are the techniques shown for the Brain Nodes of the Maleceptor and the Toxin Sacs of the Toxicrene.

The issue is rounded out with some more on the two new creatures, some teasers of the most recent Visions issue, and other tidbits.

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