Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Great Companies of the Space Wolves: Personal Challenge

What's up everyone?  So a couple of days ago, I put together a list that had a lot of heavy armored vehicles with Logan Grimnar in there for fun. It was an awesome list that looked at the Great Company of Egil Iron Wolf.  With a major slump in painting, modeling, and converting happening right now, I decided to take a different approach.  I decided to take some time and just make lists; little mind experiments to see from the fluff what a Great Company might look like for Bram Redmaw, Egil Iron Wolf, and what models would be needed for these lists.

So this is the first step in a personal challenge for myself.  I am going to create a series of lists, posting them on here for feedback into fluff, design, and over all feel, figure out what is the key model or models for that army, and then have at least one representative model that I could place on the field so that all 12 Wolf Lords, their signifier model (like Egil in a Land Raider directing it on a battle field).

To Start:  I figured I would identify the 12 Wolf Lords, their individual flair and abilities, and figure out how to model them for the battlefield.  As of right now, GW has 5 Wolf Lord Models that have stat lines and rules.  They areLogan Grimnar, Ragnar Blackmane, Krom Dragongaze, Harald Deathwolf, and Bran Redmaw.  The others include Engir Krakendoom, Eirk Morkai, Gunnar Red Moon, Bjorn Stormwolf, Sven Bloodhowl, Kjarl Grimblood, and Egil Iron Wolf.

So after reading about all of the different Wolf Lords, I created unique Armour/Weapon Combos that make each one unique and play to their backstory as well.

Engir Krakendoom - Engir Krakendoom is said to have strangled a many limbed sea monster with just his bare hands.  With this in mind, I loaded him out with a Terminator Armour, Power Fist, Storm Shield, and Melta Bombs.

Erik Morkai - Erik Morkai is a Lord of cunning and great stealth missions.  The fact that he has the Head of Morkai as his badge led me to load him out with Terminator Armour, Frost Axe, Black Death, and Melta Bombs.  This is mainly because of the picture seen below.

Gunnar Red Moon - With little in the Fluff about Gunnar, I had to get a little creative.  I thought about how he could get the Wolf of the Red Moon and realized it had to be from hand to hand combat.  So I loaded him out with Terminator Armour, Frost Sword (Frostsword of the Ice Wolf), Storm Shield, and Melta Bombs.

Bjorn Stormwolf - Bjorn is said to be a mountain of muscle known for his quick temper, lack of maners, and the fact he loves frontal assaults.  As any true warrior, I loaded him out with the Armour of Russ, a Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield, and Melta Bombs.

Sven Bloodhowl - Sven has his entire body covered in Tattoos telling the exploits of his saga.  He also takes great pleasure in close combat assaults and his company loads up with Flamers.  In this spirit, I loaded him out with Runic Armour (to show his saga to the world), Combi-Flamer, Frost Sword, and Melta Bombs.

Kjarl Grimblood - With Kjarl similar to Sven, I decided that he should be loaded out in a similar manner.  I loaded him out with Armour of Russ, Frost Sword, and Combi-Flamer with the possible addition of a Land Raider Redeemer.  This is to show that he can use the flames of war to see the future of the battle.

Egil Iron Wolf - A cogged toothed man that is more machine than man, gave me the inspiration for this wolf lord of something similar to that of the Iron Hands.  I loaded him out with the Armour of Russ, Power Maul or Thunder Hammer, Bolt Pistol, and Melta Bombs with the possible addition of a Land Raider. That way he is able to lead his Beasts of War while also taking down the enemy.

Now this challenge is for the next NOVA, but I want to have all of my Wolf Lords Available for at least a cinematic scene at the heart of the Fang.  I will post updates and if you all have any thoughts, I would love to hear them since this is a project with almost 10 months ahead of it.

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