Thursday, October 30, 2014

New Tyranids List Building: 1,500 Points

This weekend, Chandler and I are planning on a gaming day and getting a true 7th edition game in. With the impending release of two new Tyranids, I figured I would go ahead and add them to my list to give them an early field test.

For those who haven't seen, Tyranids are getting a new dual kit that makes either the Toxicrene or the Maleceptor. The Toxicrene has a short ranged Large Blast attack as well as a bunch of attacks in combat, and all are Poisoned (2+) with 6s gaining Instant Death. The Maleceptor meanwhile is a big brain bug that has a unique Focussed Witchfire power.

The Toxicrene also gains the benefits of Shrouded and takes up a Heavy Support spot. Fitting in with the rest of the book, I think he is about middle of the pack in terms of power level, but competes for a crowded spot (not that Elites would be better). In a patient hunter/trapdoor spider playstyle, I think he works. He won't be durable enough to make it across the field under fire, but he will be a strong counter threat to agressive, multi-wound/high toughness units.

The Maleceptor, I think, looks really cool. I love the spikes, giant head, and hulking centaur thing going on. The rules however, not so much. He competes for the very crowded elites slot and is super expensive for what he brings to the table. At base cost, he is the second most expensive unnamed monster (not counting Swarmy and Old One Eye here) in the army after the Trygon Prime. With that price tag, I'm honestly not sure what he brings to really balance it out. But, I'm tossing him in my list to give him a shot.

This list is going to be a 1,500 point list designed partly to try out the new bugs and also just to use a few different units.

I've got two flyrants leading the list as normal. However, I'm making one my combat monster carrying the Reaper, Adrenal Glands, and Old Adversary.

In the Elites section, I have the Maleceptor, along with a venomthrope and zoanthrope. One thought I have is to not take the Malanthrope as I'd like, to field the new bugs in a FW-free environment. This also will make the Maleceptor's Synapse a bit more important to the list.

In the troops section, I have one brood of 15 hormagaunts to screen by backfield, along with three sets of three Rippers with Spine Fists and Deep Strike. We will be playing Maelstrom Missions, so the deep strike should help grab some far off objectives while the guns give them something to do when they arrive.

The list is rounded out in the Heavy Support section with three Biovores and two Toxicrenes. The Biovores form my main downfield threat, while the Toxicrenes will guard the flanks and counterattack anything that challenges my Venomthrope Shrouded bubble.

To sum up, the list looks like this:

  • Hive Tyrant: Wings, 2 TL Devourers, Electroshock Grubs
  • Hive Tyrant: Wings, Reaper of Obliterax, Scything Talons, Adrenal Glands, Old Adversary
  • Maleceptor
  • Zoanthrope
  • Venomthrope
  • 15 Hormagaunts
  • 3 Ripper Bases: Deep Strike, Spinefists
  • 3 Ripper Bases: Deep Strike, Spinefists
  • 3 Ripper Bases: Deep Strike, Spinefists
  • 3 Biovores
  • Toxicrene
  • Toxicrene
To some degree, the list is intended to see what the new bugs can do. I will report out on how they do next week. That said, are there any roles you see the new monsters filling in the Tyranid army?

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