Tuesday, October 22, 2013

List Building: 1k Space Wolves

With so many army lists being built by +EvanS, I figured why not take a look at my Wolves and see what I can do at 1,000 points.  Of course I have put together lists before with moderate success in larger games, but heck why not.  So without further ado, let’s build a Space Wolves list for a challenging but fun 1000 point game.

I figure why not start with what we will need from the army.  Standard FO says we need an HQ and 2 Troops.  At 15 points a man for Grey Hunters they will always see the field.  I also figure why not have one of the best psychic defenses in the game; so let’s throw in a Rune Priest.

The Rune Priest comes in at 100 points, throw on a Chooser of the Slain and Runic Armor and he slides onto the field at 130.  Now for troops I am thinking a squad of 9, a squad of 8, and a squad of 6.  9 will come in at 135, 8 at 120, and 6 at 90.  Give the 9 a Rhino, a plasma gun, and a plasma pistol and they are good to go at a total cost of 195.  Give the squad of 6 a Razorback and all of the sudden we have a 125 point mobile gun platform with objective catchers.  The Squad of 8 I would give a Plasma gun and have them sit on the field at 130. 

If you have been counting we have 3 troops, 1 HQ, and 2 Transports for a total of 580 points.  Not bad, but now we need some fire power.  Let’s tack on a Dreadnought for 105 with Flamer and Wolf Tooth necklace and Wolf Tail talisman and we roll in at 130.  710 out of 1000.  I love Missile Fangs so throw in 4 with a squad leader for 115 points and we are looking at 1 HQ, 2 Transports, 3 Troops, 1 Heavy, and 1 Elite for a total of 825 points.

Well this last 175 is where the fun comes in.  I can load out another Squad of Long Fangs, Throw in another Dreadnought, another HQ, or More Troops.  Yet I like Fluff, and there is something to be said for a pack of Thunderwolf Calvary, a Lone Wolf, or a pack of Wolf Scouts.

Each one has a good advantage, and will just come down to what I want to do.  If I want to get up in the middle of a fight, then the Thunderwolves serve that purpose.  If I want an angry Soldier looking for a fight, then I have the Lone Wolf.  If I want to protect my lines and Snipe unsuspecting Targets, well my Wolf Scouts are up to the job.

After much thought I decided to tack on a squad of 6 Wolf Scouts, give 5 sniper rifles, and 1 missile launcher for a grand total of 115.  This can help shore up the back lines, give my snipers the advantage of possibly picking out some troops, and helping to defend the Long Fangs, which will probably be close by.

With 60 points leftover it seems like a good idea to give my Razorback the added options of a Lascannon for 35 points, and then tack on another Grey hunter for 15 to the squad of 8 and give my squad of 6 a Plasma gun for that added fire power. 

With that we hit 1000 points on the nose and end up with:
HQ:  Rune Priest: Chooser of the Slain and Runic Armor – 130

Troops:  9 Grey Hunters – Plasma Pistol, Plasma Gun, and Rhino – 195
               9 Grey Hunters – Plasma Gun – 145
               6 Grey Hunters – Plasma Gun, and Razorback (Lascannon) – 170

Elites:  6 Wolf Scouts – 5 Sniper Rifles, and 1 Missile Launcher – 115
            Dreadnought – Flamer, Wolf Tooth Necklace, and Wolf tail Talisman – 130

Heavy Support:  5 Longfangs – 4 Missile Launchers – 115

Looks like I can have some fun, and a definite challenge.  Well what happens when we go up against other armies like the lists that Evan put together?   Looking at Tau, like Evan’s 1k Mobile list, the Riptide is the first guy that is providing problems.  This list gives a couple of options.  On a small board, the Snipers and Long Fangs are going to have range from the moment go. It will be up to the Razorback, Rhino, and Rune Priest to bring as much pain to the other units to help alleviate the fire power.

The Nids, like all of my games against them, will be a challenge.  In a situation where Spores are coming down and the Flyrant, Tervigon, and Mawloc are all on the field, Target priority becomes prime.  I will have to dedicate as much fire power to the Flyrant when possible.  The Twin Linked Devours will chew through my troops that aren’t protected.  So almost all firepower will be sent that way from the word go.  After that it is target priority starting with immediate shooting threats (Zoans and Devilgants in the spore), then Mawloc, and then Tervigon.  This list can deal with a variety of threats, but a lot of the shots are either one hit wonders, or one hit duds.

The Space Marine Lists will be slightly more interesting.  The Iron Hands will have a lot of items that will not die.  The Land Raider at AV14 will absorb a lot of fire from the Fangs and Razorback before even succumbing to anything.  The Imperial Fists will be looking for a Fight so taking out the Sternguard when they land, the Centurion Devastators, and the Captain will be key in that fight.  The White Scars will be tough to hit with the Jink saves and toughness 5, but not impossible.

The Eldar will be a real challenge.  As long as the Rune Priest can get close enough, the 4+ psychic nullification will be key.  The Wraithlord and Wraithknight will need to be priority 1 with the heavy guns.  It will be a battle won by focusing fire and limiting cover whenever possible.  A fleet of Wave Serpents however will need to be dealt with by everyone on the field.  Rhino, Long Fangs, Wolf Scouts, Dreadnought, and Razorback would have to focus on everything one at a time, especially if they have cover.

But what do you all think?  Can this be a fun and competitive list?

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