Monday, October 14, 2013

FTGT 40k $100 Giveaway Contest Update

Hello FTGT Readers! Less than a week in and we're already less than 7,500 views away for 40k.

You can find the full rules to the contest in the original post and can enter by commenting there or on this post  with a list of your Grey Tide - the models you have either on the sprue or lying about unpainted.

As mentioned in the main rules post, in addition to getting an entry by posting your Grey Tide, you can get additional entries by posting before and after photos in our Flickr Group: FTGT 40k Contest.

All you have to do is join the group and then post photos of your assembled models before and after you've painted them up. You will get an additional entry for every 10 infantry (25mm), 5 Large Infantry (40mm), 2 Monster (60mm) or 1 Monstrous Creature (Oval Base) or Vehicle you submit painted (note, this has changed - we have cut the required models for extra entries in half).

So if you painted up a tac squad and a rhino, you would get two additional entries. 20 Termagants and a Tervigon would be three new entries.

Each entry increases your odds of winning our 40k Giveaway prize: $100(US) of GW minis of your choice. You want to start a Space Marine army? Well help yourself to two Tac Squads and an HQ choice. Blue aliens more your style? Boom, Riptide.

So post below, get your stuff painted up, and good luck!

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