Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Back to the Painting Table

I managed to get back to the painting table, after over a month away. I really wasn't sure what to paint, but wanted to airbrush something. My first thought was to paint some Kroot, but after pulling them out, I didn't feel like fixing them up. Not to mention, my big project should be Eldar, so I ended up picking up my Eldrad and Rangers and deciding to go with them.

I (somewhat) recently picked up airbrush primer, and started with that, and then, probably incorrectly, chose to paint the blue first. I then used some silly putty to mask off the parts I wanted to paint bone/brown.

It looks like I've done something terribly wrong.

With everything masked off (possibly too well), I hit the cloak with Miniataire ancient bone.

After removing the silly putty, I found I had masked off a little too much, and went in with a brown to cover up the blue on the cloak.

I also hit the rune armor with the brown and then screaming skull.

I worked fairly quickly and so didn't take any pictures, but after I'd put bone on the runic armor, I hit the entire model with a gloss varnish before hitting the brown/bone with a brown wash and the blue with a black wash. Finally, I then added highlights of screaming skull, ancient bone, and ancient bone/white.

My favorite part so far might be the face on the staff, which still has blue eyes, which will get some highlights and possibly some OSL effects. My next steps are cleanup of the armor and picking out the seemingly thousand of details, not to mention all of the spirit stones and gems, which I think will be primarily red, though some, like the ones hanging from the staff, might end up getting other colors.

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