Thursday, October 31, 2013

Inquisition and Deathwatch on the Horizon

With Inquisition rumors upon us, I figured it was time to dive in to a little side topic I am extremely interested in. As an avid Space Wolf player, I can’t help but love the idea of individualism within a deadly pack. The idea of Brother fighting alongside Brother with each one decked out in Pelts, Charms, and Totems that tell his Saga, his Legacy, his Life. It is the reason I have been slow in painting my Wolves. I wish them to be uniform in only their loyalty, not in the way they are armed, painted (outside of the standard Space Wolves Grey for their base layer), and how they tell my story.  It is also why even my vehicles are painted in the manner they are. The Story is sometimes far greater than the Victory. That is why the Deathwatch (who I hope are in the new codex) is awesome to me.

That’s where my fascination with the Deathwatch came from. It is a force unlike any other in the Imperium; a force not made from men cut from the same earth, groomed by the same leaders, fighting under the watchful eye of a Primarch. It is a force composed of individuals with a solitary goal: Use the combined strength of all Astartes to battle the Xenos wherever they threaten the Empire of Man. They are Space Wolves, Iron Hands, Blood Angels, Black Templars, Crimson Fists, Ultramarines, Imperial Fists, and any of the thousands of chapters that fight for humanity. Just to look at the picture of a Deathwatch Marine, you can see his history being written in the present. This fascination was also sparked by the book Blood of Asaheim. The main character is Invgar, who has served with the Deathwatch for 50 years. I was amazed in the reading to see how the Young Wolf was changed by his interaction within the Deathwatch. He retained his individualism and yet somehow gained something special from each of the members of the Deathwatch.

It was here that I decided it would be cool for Ron, Evan, and me to create a Deathwatch together as not only a kit bash but also as a chance to paint, hang out, and create a group of guys that would be visually appealing as well as represent each of us.

I have been thinking about mine that I want to do and I have put a lot of thought into it. Of course I am going to have my Space Wolf Brother in the mix - love my wolves and always need a representative. The Second would be a Member of the Iron Hands; I would love for it to be a Techmarine because of the fact that if the Deathwatch is pulling in some nasty weapons, they would need help to make sure that they were safe and free of corruption (no more Fulgrims, am I right?). The last one is a Chapter that is not recognized anymore.  One that has fallen from grace in a way that will never be matched, yet should a member of this Chapter still fight and serve, he should in no doubt be a member of the Deathwatch. My last chapter would be the Deathwatch Sergeant chosen from the great Luna Wolves. After reading about the Luna Wolves and their fall during the Heresy, I like to imagine that there is still a few Loyalist Luna Wolves that serve the Emperor.  Plus it will give me a chance to work on a backstory for my Deathwatch, and to paint a New Wolf (Looking down the line at a Loyalist Dreadnought Luna Wolf).

But that’s the plan going forward.  A group of Deathwatch Marines looking to fight Xenos (Pretty much an extenstion of all of my battles with Evan and Ron – Fighting Xenos 24/7).

I will put updates as I get them together, painted, and Evan and Ron get a chance at theirs.

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