Wednesday, October 30, 2013

FTGT 40k $100 Giveaway Contest Deadline Approaching!

Hello again. Wanted to take a moment, as we approach the end of the contest (a little over 700 views left as of writing this), to clarify a few things about entries and how the end of the contest will work. As always, if you haven't already, you can enter the contest by simply commenting on this or any other FTGT Contest post with a list of items in your Grey Tide awaiting paint. Full rules can be found in the main rules post.

The deadline for comment or email entries is firmly at 40k views, see the sidebar for how close that is. As soon as we reach that mark, we will not accept any new entries. My current guesstimate is that the contest will close sometime in the morning of Friday, November 1.

For flickr photo entries submitted to the Contest Flickr Group, we will set a deadline approximately 12-24 hours after the 40k views mark for submissions. Anyone already entered will have until that deadline to post up any pictures of any last minute painting.

After that announced date and time, we will enter all the entries either into a random number generator or a hat on slips of paper, and make a drawing. The winner will be announced on the blog as well as anywhere else we've posted information about the contest. We will do our best to contact the winner, but just in case, check back here.

Good luck to everyone!

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