Monday, October 28, 2013

FTGT $100 Giveaway Contest Update - Final Days

We're in the home stretch and less than 1,500 views from wrapping up the contest. With the recent averages, we're probably looking at Thursday or Friday this week for wrapping up the contest, so get those entries in!

For those of you new to the contest, we're giving away $100 in GW product of your choosing. To join in, all you need to do is comment on this post with a list of your Grey Tide - what you have that needs some paint and love. You can also earn additional entries by submitting before and after photos (taken on or after October 8) of your minis to the Contest Flickr Group. Alternatively you can email us the pictures and we'll post them up. Full rules are in the main 40k Contest Post.

This week only saw a single additional entry in the Flickr Group, again from BeeCee, who painted up a small tide of gaunts for his Tyranids.


Expect the contest to wrap up on Halloween and get those last entries in!

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