Friday, April 12, 2013

Wolf Works: Introduction

I would like to take the chance to introduce myself.  My name is Chandler and I will be a regular poster here on FTGT from the laboratories of Wolf Works (I will explain this later).  I am the friend that got Evan back into the realm of Warhammer 40k. 

I am the resident Space Wolf player.  I love the fluff, iconography, and the models that they have for their army.  When I was getting into 40k, I did a lot of research into the different armies.  This research was filtered around two things; which back-story I would like for my army and which army I would identify with as I progress from a few members into a true army.  I will say for anyone that is starting into the hobby, don't take a blind jump into an army and sink hundreds of dollars into the hobby; do the research, look at the models and fluff, and find the army that suits you because it will add that little extra that will keep you going when losing streaks pile up.

Yet providing a Space Wolf perspective is not entirely why I am here on the site.  Like Liam Neison in Taken, I have a very unique set of skills that I will be bringing to the table.  There are players and hobbyist out there that are like Evan, all around good at everything (painting, basing, and strategy), but I am a little different.  I am decent at strategy and painting (a product of only really being in the hobby for about 2 years but seriously playing for about a year) but I am the resident Light Expert, or for the Orks out there, Lighta Uppa.

Wolf Dreadnought - Off Mode
Wolf Dreadnought - Active
As I stated earlier, I am the head of Wolf Works,  my little workshop where I do all of my light up models (a little homage to the infamous Skunk Works), and I will be doing posts on projects that I do for friends and myself.  I will post pictures of the different models that I get to light up from a step by step process including the math behind the wiring, the materials needed to insure an accurate project, and common questions on everything from batteries and LEDs to Dremel tools and soldering irons.  So far in my resume, I have a Dreadnought (to the right), a Storm Talon (pictures above and below), a Tau Crisis suit, a Tau Stealth suit, and a Dakkajet that all have LEDs inside them as well as a variety of different switches and battery styles that they employ.  Coming down the pipe will be a Nephilm Jet Fighter as well a couple Tau models as I try to refine my skills and talents.

I do hope in the future to grow my skills and abilities along with the site.  I will be doing some Battle Reports, some question and answer segments, and a variety of posts on my army in addition to my main assignment, making the Miniature World light up.

Wolf Storm Talon with active lights on
With that, I hope you like this little teaser for Wolf Works; the fun stuff is still under heavy guard.

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