Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Storm is Brewing....

The runes have been read, and the signs of nature have been interpreted, and it doesn't look good.  With a Hive Fleet only two days out, The Great Wolf has called upon the Stormcaller to lead his second force against the Tyranid horde.  Njal has a few tricks up his sleeve and is bringing a force that includes some Iron Hand brethren that were training in a nearby sector.  It appears that there will be a few Pyskers on the battle field, some of the Old Wolf's Long Fangs, and the Space Wolf Stormtalon made by the Iron Hands to repay an ancient debt.

This list is the 2nd 2000 point list:  Njal Stormcaller and Iron Hands 

*  - Indicates it still needs to be painted
+ - Indicates it still needs to be built 

Space Wolves -

Njal Stormcaller (in Terminator Armor)

Grey Hunter Pack Alpha – (8 Members)*
                Plasma Pistol
                Drop Pod

Grey Hunter Pack Epsilon – (10 Members)*

Grey Hunter Pack Xi – (10 Members)*
                Plasma Gun
                Plasma Gun

Ulrik the Slayer

Long Fang Pack Lambda – (6 Members)*
                5 Missile Launchers
                Squad Leader

Long Fang Pack Omega – (6 Members)
                5 Missile Launchers
                Squad Leader

Ronǽ - Lone Wolf in Terminator Armor*+
                Thunder Hammer
                Storm Shield
                Fenrisian Wolf (X2)

Iron Hands (Allies)

Space Marine Librarian*+
                Terminator Armour
                Force Stave
                Storm Shield

Scout Squad – (8 Members)
                Sergeant Telion*+
                6 Snipers
                1 Missile Launcher
                Sergeant Telion

Aegis Defence Line
                Gun Emplacement – Icarus Lascannon*+

Stormtalon Gunship
                Twin-Linked Lascannon
                Twin-Linked Assault Cannon 

As you can see, this list has quite an array of Wolves and some allies to hopefully thwart the Tyranid Forces.  Njal is leading a force that has a variety of range weapons, soldiers, and fire power that complements the Great Wolf's army in many ways.

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