Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bat Rep: 1k Nidzilla vs. Loganwing Wolves

This little battle was a quick game between myself and +Chandler D where we both decided to take a concept in our army to the extreme at 1,000 points. For the Tyranids, I tried to jam as many Monstrous Creatures in 1,000 points as I could. Meanwhile, Chandler decided to go for a similarly small model count force with his Loganwing.


1,000 points of Nidzilla:
Hive Tyrant: Lash Whip and Bonesword, TL Devourers, Regeneration
Tervigon: Crushing Claws, Catalyst, Dominion, Toxin Sacs, Adrenal Glands
10 Termagants: Devourers
Tyrgon Prime: Toxin Sacs
Trygon: Toxin Sacs

1,000 point Loganwing Space Wolves:
Logan Grimnar
5 Wolf Gurad: 4 in Terminator Armor with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield, Power Axe, Assault Cannon, Pair of Wolf Claws; 1 in Power Armor w/Storm Shield
Drop Pod
5 Wolf Guard: Terminator Armor, Cyclone Missile Launcher, TH/SS, Claws, 2 Chainfists
6 Long Fangs: 5 Missile Launchers

Mission was Emperor's Will, with Vanguard (diagonal) deployment. Psychic powers for the Hive Tyrant were Iron Arm and Smite, with the Tervigon rolling Endurance, Smite, and Haemmorhage (rolled 6 twice, swapped out the first for Smite, then rolled it again). Neither Warlord trait came into play.


Tyranids won the roll-off for deployment and set up with the Trygons and Tyrant just about as far forward as possible, while the Tervigon shielded the devilgants positioned on the objective tucked in the ruins. Space Wolves meanwhile deployed the long fangs in the forest with the power armored Wolf Guard. The one squad of Terminators deployed as far forward as possible behind the tower. Roll to steal initiative failed so the bugs would go first.

Top of Turn 1:

The Tervigon started things off by rolling 1, 2, and 2 on her spawn, running out after only producing 5 new gants. She then continued failing by rolling a 12 on her psychic test to cast Endurance. Before other movement, the pool the Trygon Prime started in was determined to be Iceblood which would provide re-rolls to his saves, not that he would be making many while facing a wall of Missiles. The objective was revealed to be a scatterfield, granting the devilgants +1 to their 4+ ruins cover save. The Hive Tyrant also failed his psychic check on an 11 and just moved up, staying hidden behind the woods in the middle. The Trygons paced him as he moved forward. The plain Trygon unveiled the woods in the middle to contain a razorwing nest while marching an impressive 1" into it. The spawned termagants sprinted down the right flank, aiming for nothing in particular. With no shooting in range and no combat, the Tyranid turn was over.

Bottom of Turn 1:

We messed up and treated the drop pod as regular reserves, missing the Alpha strike rule, so Logan and company stayed off the battlefield this turn. The terminators move up and add their fire to that of the Long Fangs directed at the Trygon Prime, causing a couple wounds.

Top of Turn 2:

The Trygons continued their advance (though the regular Trygon again barely moved, only getting 2" on his difficult terrain, keeping him stuck in the woods), with the Hive Tyrant close behind. The spawned termagants continued their sprint up the right flank for the pond, aiming for linebreaker. The trygons were in range of the Terminators and their combined fire took down one of the heavily-armored warriors.

Bottom of Turn 2:

The drop pod with Logan and friends arrived, slamming down between the Trygons and Tyrant and the Tervigon. The other terminators headed for the Trygon stuck in the woods. Their fire did a single wound to the giant snake, while their brethren accompanying Logan fared worse, failing to cause a single wound on the Tervigon. The walking terminators assaulted the Trygon in the woods, losing one of their number before taking the beast down to its final wound.

Top of Turn 3:

The Hive Tyrant did an about face and prepared to assault the Terminators who dropped in behind him and casting Iron Arm on himself, getting +3 Strength and Toughness. The Prime moved up to support it's fellow monstrous snake. In the back, the devilgants hunkered down on the objective while the Tervigon moved forward to engage the newly arrived threat. Shooting from the gants, Tervigon, and Hive Tyrant managed to  take down a single terminator. The Tyrant and Tervigon both made their charges killing all but one terminator and Logan, whose return attacks reduced both Tyranid monsters to one wound remaining. Meanwhile, in the center of the board, the Trygon Prime slammed into the terminators and the two snake monsters wiped them out.

Bottom of Turn 3:

No movement to be had, and the shooting phase was short and somewhat effective. The longfangs chose to split fire, shooting three missiles at the plain Trygon, and two frag missiles at the termagants who had made it to the pond. Three termagants were killed by the blasts, though the two remaining showed uncanny bravery and did not flee. The trygon was also finally taken down by the missiles. In combat, the Hive Tyrant killed the final Terminator while the Tervigon was killed by Logan. The two Warlords then prepared to square off in a duel to the death.

Top of Turn 4:

The Trygon Prime put the woods between himself and the Longfangs and made for the Drop-pod, hoping to assault it, but failed the short charge. In the warlord combat, the Hive Tyrant rained blows down on the Great Wolf, who just managed to survive the onslaught and slay his foe in return. Freed from Combat, Logan consolidated toward the Tyranid-held objective.

Bottom of Turn 4:

Through some poor scatter, the longfangs failed to wipe out the two termagants hunkered down in the pond in the corner. Logan closed the gap to the objective and declared his charge, only to be gunned down by the sheer weight of Devourer fire.

With no Troops choices remaining for the Space Wolves, we decided to call the game with a 5-2 Tyranid Victory. The Tyranids held one objective and had scored First Blood and Slay the Warlord, while the Space Wolves had Slay the Warlord and Linebreaker with a pesky drop-pod.

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