Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Wolves are on the March

The Wolves are on the March:

Only 3 days until the Vlka Fenryka have an epic showdown against the mighty Tyranids.  The might of Fenris is mobilizing under the watchful eye of their leader, the Great Wolf, Logan Grimnar.  With Evan and our other friend bringing a combined force of Tyranids tallying 4000 points, I have been put in charge of getting 4000 points of Space Wolves ready for the fight.  

Here is the first 2000 point list: Logan Grimnar and his Guard.

*  - Indicates it still needs to be painted
+ - Indicates it still needs to be built

Logan Grimnar *

Wolf Guard Pack – All Terminators
                Chainfist / Storm Bolter
                Assault Cannon / Storm Shield +*
                Thunder Hammer / Storm Shield
                Wolf Claw (X2)
                Power Axe / Storm Bolter
                Drop Pod +

Wolf Guard Pack – All Terminators
                Power Fist / Storm Bolter / Cyclone Missile Launcher
                Wolf Claw (X2)
                Thunder Hammer / Storm Shield
                Chainfist / Storm Bolter
                Arjac Rockfist
                Land Raider Redeemer *

Wolf Guard Pack – All Terminators
                Thunder Hammer / Storm Shield *+
                Wolf Claw (X2) *+
                Power Fist / Assault Cannon
                Power Maul / Storm Bolter *+
                Chainfist / Storm Bolter *+

Wolf Scouts Pack – 5 (5 Sniper Rifles)

Rune Priest in Power Armour +*

Land Raider

Depending on what happens, there may be a Venerable Dreadnought substituted in for the Wolf Scouts and Rune Priest.

Now as with everything else, this army is built around a central idea, The Great Wolf always goes into battle with his most senior and trusted soldiers.  Now holding true to the Space Wolves motif, I decided that Packs could be similar in structure, Wolf Claws in each pack or Storm Shields and Thunder hammers, but no two members in the same Pack can have the exact same war gear.  These soldiers are meant to be unique, have versatility, and of course have their own Sagas they wish to pass down through the Skalds within the Aett.

I think this Quote best describes this army as well as the 2nd half of this 4000 point list:

You strive for victory. That is obvious. What may be less obvious is the nature of victory. There are circumstances in which you can destroy the enemy utterly, without loss to your own forces, and yet the victory may be his. In all situations, you must first decide on the nature of victory, and then take steps to secure it. Avoid the instinct of fight first and think later.”  - Leman Russ -

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