Friday, April 19, 2013

Other Games - MYTH Kickstarter

Forgive me for a little diversion from topics about 40k, but I wanted to give a little shout out to MYTH, a Kickstarter that is ending in a few days for a game that I am very excited for:

MYTH is a cooperative adventure game from the creators of MERCS, and looks to be an original mix of D&D, Warhammer Quest, and other Fantasy RPGs. The original number of heroes to choose from has expanded from five (Soldier, Acolyte, Archer, Apprentice, and Brigand) to seven (Trickster and Skald), as well as alternate gender models for each class. The number of enemy types has more than doubled, with Skeletons, Rats, and Elementals being added to Arachnids and Orcs.

The art is a wonderfully fresh take on gaming miniatures, leaning a little more to cartoon/comic than gritty and rough. This take seems to echo the impression I get from the game descriptions that it is intended primarily to be fun and lighthearted, but still competitive and difficult to win. I also like the story aspects that seem very mutable, but without a need for a DM so that everyone can play on the same side.

 I love how the guys from MERCS have handled the kickstarter; they are very responsive to backer comments and questions. They have posted regular videos throughout the kickstarter explaining and demonstrating elements of the game, which have continued to make me more and more excited about the game. I encourage you to check out the kickstarter and pledge if it seems like it's down your alley.

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