Friday, April 26, 2013

Gaming Weekend: The Final Push

It's finally here. It's been a long time coming, and yet, this week has flown by. I didn't nearly get as much as I would have liked accomplished. I didn't finish my terrain projects, I didn't even finish basing my Ork Warboss who has been begging for the final, finishing touches to join the ranks of the completed for over a month. 

Even so, without completing every goal (or just about any of them if I'm being honest), I am excited for this weekend. I am fortunate to have a chance to reconnect with college friends over a game from my childhood. I'm also blessed to have a wife indulgent enough to allow three grown men to have a giant slumber party in her house without complain.
But I suppose that's enough being sappy for one hobby blog. Back to accomplishments and plans for this weekend!

These are the two things on my painting table I expect to complete by Gaming Weekend Kickoff tonight around 6:30 when our friend, Ron, arrives; My swarmlord is just missing the details now - the bright green bits on 3 of 4 sword arms, his teeth, and a couple touch ups. Once the arms are done he'll be ready for assembly, and the final details like his teeth can be filled in between games or during a game between Ron and +Chandler D. Regardless, he'll be ready to go for Saturday's Main Event

I'll do a full write up once he's truly done (shooting for next week), but as you can see, I changed it up just a little for the Swarmlord. I left a lot of the black on the carapace and made the transition to red much sharper (made even more so by the flash on my phone camera). I also did a little more green on the skin. 

As for the schedule of events, the plan is generally to have a few tune-up/playtest games this evening, with the Main Event throwdown starting midday on Saturday. We're staying very flexible, obviously. One thing I think we do want to get in, in addition to the Main Event, is some games playing with the new Tau. Ron has jumped on the bandwagon and is putting together a Tau force and, as we've mentioned elsewhere, +Chandler D and I have vague plans to do a joint venture Tau foce. These games should also let us play around with some other forces we don't get to play with that often, with my Orks and Dark Eldar having a chance to see the field. 

With that, I'll conclude this post with a promise to provide a full breakdown of events next week, some new Bat Reps, and anything else we find worth sharing!

Have a good weekend and Happy Gaming!

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